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Fingerprint Pore Comparison Using Local Features and Spatial Relations

Using Binary Analysis Frameworks: The Case for BAP and angr

Graph Comparison sentence examples within graph comparison method

Optimization of pressure drop model for shale gas wells in area X based on correlation coefficient method

Distribution of Node Embeddings as Multiresolution Features for Graphs


Application of a Proposed Multi-Positional Circumferential Arm Liposuction Method and Quantification of its Clinical Efficacy Evaluation

Filtration Curves for Graph Representation

Infra-cranial radiographic comparison for human identification: A study of analyst expertise.

TrammelGraph: visual graph abstraction for comparison

Initial Presentation of a Pediatric Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction Episode After SARS-CoV-2 Virus (COVID-19) Infection

VulDetector: Detecting Vulnerabilities Using Weighted Feature Graph Comparison

To Belabour The Points: Encoding Vowel Phonology in Syriac and Hebrew Vocalization

Kernel Methods for Graph-structured Data Analysis

CoCo: RNA-seq read assignment correction for nested genes and multimapped reads

Image-Based Recognition of Individual Trouts in the Wild

Unsupervised network embeddings with node identity awareness

The Tarawa Project Part II: Resolved Commingling and Identification of Casualties from the Battle of Tarawa

Linear and nonlinear quantum algorithms made explicit

A Web Tool for Executing Low Cost Algorithms for Metabolic Pathway Comparison Based on Graph Similarity

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Graph Comparison 그래프 비교
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