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Rainbow Nambu-Goldstone Modes under a Shear Flow.

Limit cycle phase and Goldstone mode in driven dissipative systems

Goldstone Mode sentence examples within Gaples Goldstone Mode

Pseudo-Goldstone excitations in a striped Bose-Einstein condensate

Anisotropic quantum Rabi-Stark model

Goldstone Mode sentence examples within Energy Goldstone Mode

Projection hypothesis from the von Neumann-type interaction with a Bose–Einstein condensate

Inhomogeneous mean-field approach to collective excitations near the superfluid–Mott glass transition

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Generalized self-consistent reservoir model for normal and anomalous heat transport in quantum harmonic chains.

Spectrum of a Supersymmetric Color Superconductor

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SYK meets non-Hermiticity II: measurement-induced phase transition

Measurement-Induced Phase Transition in the Monitored Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model.

Superfluid properties of an ultracold Fermi gas with an orbital Feshbach resonance in the BCS-BEC crossover region

Resolving the isolated nature of Goldstone mode in ferroelectric liquid crystals at room temperature

Higgs-like pair amplitude dynamics in superconductor–quantum-dot hybrids

Effective field theory of magnons: Chiral magnets and the Schwinger mechanism

Weak anchoring resolved substrate interface and bulk mode processes in surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal

Topological Goldstone phases of matter

Dissipation in holographic superfluids

Exciting the Goldstone Modes of a Supersolid Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bose Gas.

Theoretical study of I-V characteristics in a coupled long Josephson junctions based on magnesium diboride superconductor

Top-Bottom Condensation Model: Symmetries and Spectrum of the Induced 2HDM

Magnetic excitations in long-range stripe-ordered Pr2NiO4+δ

Why the Schwinger boson mean field theory fails to describe the spin dynamics of the triangular lattice antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model?

Phantom Bethe excitations and spin helix eigenstates in integrable periodic and open spin chains

Flat-band ferromagnetism and spin waves in the Haldane-Hubbard model

Insights into the emergence of mass from studies of pion and kaon structure

Dielectric spectroscopy and electrical conductivity measurements of a series of orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystalline esters

Elements of classical and quantum gravity

Nambu-Goldstone modes in non-equilibrium systems from AdS/CFT correspondence

The non-linear σ-model near two dimensions: Phase structure

Delineating chiral separation effect in two-color dense QCD

Archimedean screw in driven chiral magnets

On mass and matter

Effect of the anomalous magnetic moment of quarks on the phase structure and mesonic properties in the NJL model

Phonon and Shifton from a Real Modulated Scalar

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Counting Rules of Nambu-Goldstone Modes

Temporally, spatially, or lightlike modulated vacua in Lorentz invariant theories

Relation between Heterogeneous Frozen Regions in Supercooled Liquids and Non-Debye Spectrum in the Corresponding Glasses.

An introduction to spontaneous symmetry breaking

Novel Strongly Spin-Orbit Coupled Quantum Dimer Magnet: Yb_{2}Si_{2}O_{7}.

The spinful large charge sector of non-relativistic CFTs: from phonons to vortex crystals

A Renormalization-Group Study of Interacting Bose-Einstein condensates: Absence of the Bogoliubov Mode below Four ($T>0$) and Three ($T=0$) Dimensions

Top condensation model: a step towards the correct prediction of the Higgs mass

Eigenstate Thermalisation in the conformal Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: an analytic approach.

Wave Vector Difference of Magnetic Bragg Reflections and Low Energy Magnetic Excitations in Charge-stripe Ordered La2NiO4.11

Dielectric response of electric-field distortions of the twist-bend nematic phase for LC dimers.

Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas

The holographic non-abelian vortex

Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Nambu-Goldstone modes in open classical and quantum systems

Goldstone Boson Effects on Vacuum Decay

Physical properties of new binary ferroelectric mixture

Induced frustrated twist grain boundary liquid crystalline phases in binary mixtures of achiral hockey stick-shaped and chiral rod-like materials

Fate of the Amplitude Mode in a Trapped Dipolar Supersolid.

Dynamical effects on superconductivity in a BCS-BEC crossover: Dynamical mean field theory and numerical renormalization group study of the Holstein model in infinite dimensions

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Phonon as the Goldstone Mode

Critical fluctuations at a many-body exceptional point

Dielectric properties of four room temperature ferroelectric and antiferroelectric multi-component liquid crystalline mixtures

Anomaly Matching in the Symmetry Broken Phase: Domain Walls, CPT, and the Smith Isomorphism

The Goldstone mode and resonances in the fluid interfacial region

Sub-MeV dark matter and the Goldstone modes of superfluid helium

An Algebraic Classification of Exceptional EFTs

Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on dielectric and electro-optic properties of a high tilt antiferroelectric liquid crystal

Thermodynamics of Bose gases from functional renormalization with a hydrodynamic low-energy effective action

Anderson–Bogoliubov Collective Excitations in Superfluid Fermi Gases at Nonzero Temperatures

Backreaction of superhorizon scalar field fluctuations on a de Sitter geometry : a renormalisation group perspective

Ferromagnetism and its stability from the one-magnon spectrum in twisted bilayer graphene.

Spontaneous polarization, tilt angle, hysteresis and low-frequency relaxations in hydrogen bonded chiral liquid crystal dimer: M*SA:9OBA

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