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Co3O4-binuclear phthalocyanine nanocomposites with enhanced peroxidase-like activity for sensitive detection of glutathione

Fe-doped MoS2 nanomaterials with amplified peroxidase mimetic activity for the colorimetric detection of glutathione in human serum

On-off-on fluorescent sensor for glutathione based on bifunctional vanadium oxide quantum dots induced spontaneous formation of MnO2 nanosheets

Sinapic Acid Attenuates Rheumatoid Arthritis Through Reducing Inflammation and Oxidative Stress by Downregulating IκB Kinase.

ZnS quantum dots surface-loaded with zinc(II) ions as a viable fluorescent probe for glutathione

A dual-responsive fluorescent sensor for Hg2+ and thiols based on N-doped silicon quantum dots and its application in cell imaging.

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Glutathione Detection 글루타치온 검출

Glutathione Detection 글루타치온 검출
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