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Corneal Hysteresis in Thais and Variation of Corneal Hysteresis in Glaucoma

Home monitoring for glaucoma

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Effect of preservative-free and preserved prostaglandin analogues on the histology of cornea of adult male Guinea pigs following repeated exposure.

Toward Better Health Outcomes in Rural and Under-served Areas: L. V. Prasad Eye Institute’s Diagonal Model of Glaucoma Care

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Clinical and sociodemographic characteristics of glaucoma patients at a tertiary referral facility in Zimbabwe

Epidemiology and clinical presentation of glaucoma in a referral facility in Ghana: Any lessons for public health intervention?

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Clinical characteristics and interventions in neovascular glaucoma cases: a study from the glaucoma care clinic at Cairo University Hospitals

Anterior Chamber Angle Evaluation Using Gonioscopy: Consistency and Agreement between Optometrists and Ophthalmologists.

What Glaucoma Surgical Rate could Serve as a Target for West Africa? A Systematic Review

How glaucoma care changed for the better after the pandemic.

Comparative efficacy and safety of preserved versus preservative-free beta-blockers in patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension: a systematic review.

A Scoping Review of Process Indicators for Measuring Quality of Care in Glaucoma

44190 Comparing the Accuracy of Different Tools in Identifying Glaucoma Medication Non-adherence

The American Glaucoma Society 100: Articles with Significant Impact on Clinical Glaucoma Care.

The Future Is Now: Incorporating Telemedicine into Glaucoma Care

The Burden of Caring for and Treating Glaucoma: The Patient Perspective.

The future is old - Patients with topical ocular hypotensive treatment in the Nordic region between 2008 and 2017 with projections for 2040.

Expansion of patient eligibility for virtual glaucoma clinics: a long-term strategy to increase the capacity of high-quality glaucoma care

Normalisation process theory and the implementation of a new glaucoma clinical pathway in hospital eye services: Perspectives of doctors, nurses and optometrists

Dark Adaptation Survey as a Predictive Tool for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma.

Auditing service delivery in glaucoma clinics using visual field records: a feasibility study

The impact of topical intraocular pressure lowering medications on the ocular surface of glaucoma patients: A review

Glaucoma Patient Knowledge, Perceptions, and Predispositions for Telemedicine

Evaluation of Papillomacular Nerve Fiber Bundle Thickness in Glaucoma Patients with Visual Acuity Disturbance.

Leveraging Electronic Health Records to Identify and Characterize Patients with Low Vision

Artificial intelligence in glaucoma

Using Discrete-Event Simulation to Find Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Time in A Glaucoma Clinic

Journey to glaucoma care – trusting but uncertain and uninformed: a qualitative study

Glaucoma care in Nigeria: Is the current practice poised to tackle this emerging sight-threatening disease?

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Glaucoma Care 녹내장 관리

Glaucoma Care 녹내장 관리
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