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Synergistic Effect of NiLDH@YZ Hybrid and Mechanochemical Agitation on Glaser Homocoupling Reaction.

Structural Tunability on Naphthalimide-Based Dendrimer Gelators via Glaser Coupling Interaction with Tailored Gelation Solvent Polarity and Stimuli-Responsive Properties.


Glaser Coupling of Substituted Anthracene Diynes on a Non-metallic Surface at the Vapor-Solid Interface

A merged copper(I/II) cluster isolated from Glaser coupling

Visible-light promoted one-pot synthesis of pyrazoles from alkynes and hydrazines

Metallomicelle catalyzed aerobic tandem desilylation/Glaser reaction in water

Synthesis of N-Substituted Pyrrole Derivatives via Indium-Assisted One-Pot Reduction/N-Annulation Sequence Reaction

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Glaser Coupling 글레이저 커플링

Glaser Coupling 글레이저 커플링
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