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Experimental Investigation of Millimeter-Wave MIMO Channel Characteristics in Tunnel

Measurement-Based Characterization of 39 GHz Millimeter-Wave Dual-Polarized Channel Under Foliage Loss Impact

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Ghz Millimeter sentence examples within ghz millimeter wave

Performance of 60GHz mm-Wave Communication System Overcomes Occlusion Problems by Adding Relays

Modeling and Analysis of Eavesdropping Attack in 802.11ad mmWave Wireless Networks

Multi-Color Laser Diode Heterodyned 28-GHz Millimeter-Wave Carrier Encoded With DMT for 5G Wireless Mobile Networks

28-GHz Wireless Carrier Heterodyned From Orthogonally Polarized Tri-Color Laser Diode for Fading-Free Long-Reach MMWoF

Dual-Polarized Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna and MIMO Array for 5G Millimeter-Wave applications

Design of Linear 2 × 2 Array Using Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide Patch Antenna for 28GHz mm-Wave Applications

Integrated Silicon Photonics Remote Radio Frontend (RRF) for Single-Sideband (SSB) Millimeter-Wave Radio-Over-Fiber (ROF) Systems

Low-noise stable millimeter-wave optoelectronic oscillator based on self-regenerative frequency-dividing and phase-locking techniques

Field Trial of 1.5-Gbps 97-GHz Train Communication System Based on Linear Cell Radio Over Fiber Network for 240-km/h High-Speed Train

Measurements and Ray Tracing Simulations for Non-Line-of-Sight Millimeter-Wave Channels in a Confined Corridor Environment

Application of DBF in 77GHz Automotive Millimeter-wave Radar

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Wideband Omnidirectional Circularly Polarized Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Applications Using Printed Artificial Anisotropic Polarizer

Design of On-Board Impedance Matching Circuit for Millimeter-Wave Presystem

5G Trial Services Demonstration: IFoF-Based Distributed Antenna System in 28 GHz Millimeter-Wave Supporting Gigabit Mobile Services

Poster: Experimental Evaluation of TCP Congestion Control over 60GHz WLAN

Bathroom accident detection with 79GHz-band millimeter wave sensor

A Low-profile Wideband Single-Layer Antenna Array for 28-GHz Applications

28-GHz High-Selectivity Bandpass Filters With Dual-Behavior Resonators Using GaAs Technology

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Ghz Millimeter GHz 밀리미터

Ghz Millimeter GHz 밀리미터
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