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“Is Sharing Really Caring?”: The Role of Environmental Concern and Trust Reflecting Usage Intention of “Station-Based” and “Free-Floating”—Carsharing Business Models

Development and Validation of the Perceived Authenticity Scale for Cheese Specialties with Protected Designation of Origin

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Comparative analysis of sustainability measures in the apparel industry: An empirical consumer and market study in Germany.

Preferences of German Consumers for Meat Products Blended with Plant-Based Proteins

Consumer motives for buying regional products: the REGIOSCALE

When less is more – Effects of providing simple vs. refined action-knowledge interventions to promote climate-friendly food consumption in German consumers

Waste Food not Eat: Food Waste Treatment or Obesity - Selection of Sustainable Strategies for Dealing with Food Waste and Obesity

The potential of carbon neutral labeling to engage coffee consumers in climate change mitigation

Willingness to Purchase Selenium- and Iodine-Biofortified Apples – A Discrete Choice Analysis with German Consumers

When Do You Trust Your Doctor More? A Comparison between Korea to Germany

Pre-Launch Exploration of Consumer Willingness to Purchase Selenium- and Iodine-Biofortified Apples—A Discrete Choice Analysis of Possible Market Settings

An Empirical Approach to Differences in Flexible Electricity Consumption Behaviour of Urban and Rural Populations—Lessons Learned in Germany

The Social Acceptance Factors for Insulation Boards Produced With CO2-Derived Foam

Personal and structural factors that influence individual plastic packaging consumption—Results from focus group discussions with German consumers

An empirical analysis of consumer resistance to smart-lighting products

Who cares about local feed in local food products? Results from a consumer survey in Germany

Feeds of the Future: A Choice Experiment of Chicken Breast Produced with Micro-Algae or Insect Meal

What about the environment

Disgusting or Innovative-Consumer Willingness to Pay for Insect Based Burger Patties in Germany

Consumer Reactions to Tax Avoidance – Evidence From the United States and Germany

Adoption of Sustainable Technologies: A Mixed-Methods Study of German Households

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