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Deep electrical resistivity tomography for the prospection of low- to medium-enthalpy geothermal resources

Microseismicity analysis in the geothermal area of Torre Alfina, Central Italy

Life cycle assessment of atmospheric emission profiles of the Italian geothermal power plants

Study on the Thermal-Hydraulic Coupling Model for the Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Assessment of fracture characteristics controlling fluid flow performance in discrete fracture networks (DFN)

Geothermal energy production utilizing a U-shaped well in combination with supercritical CO2 circulation

Dual hydrocarbon-geothermal energy exploitation: Potential synergy between the production of natural gas and warm water from the subsurface

Large-scale urban underground hydro-thermal modelling - A case study of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.

Utilisation of Geothermal Energy that Impact Rights to Clean Water Needs

Rock mass strength and elastic modulus of the Buntsandstein: An important lithostratigraphic unit for geothermal exploitation in the Upper Rhine Graben

Basic Geophysics - Landseismics - Vibroseis

Electrical resistivity tomography and time-domain induced polarization field investigations of geothermal areas at Krafla, Iceland: comparison to borehole and laboratory frequency-domain electrical observations

Geothermal development and power generation by circulating water and isobutane via a closed-loop horizontal well from hot dry rocks

Mechanism of drilling rate improvement using high-pressure liquid nitrogen jet

Heat flow density estimates in the Upper Rhine Graben using laboratory measurements of thermal conductivity on sedimentary rocks

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Geothermal Exploitation 지열 개발

Geothermal Exploitation 지열 개발
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