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Experimental validation of an analytical method to predict lamb wave scattering from a discontinuity

Mechanical Behavior of Anisotropic Composite Materials as Micropolar Continua

Harmonic Forcing of a Two-Segment Timoshenko Beam

Failure Theories and Notch Type Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Jute-Glass Hybrid Composite Laminates

Thermal stress analysis of orthotropic plate containing a rectangular hole using complex variable method

Vibration Analysis and Control of AFM Microcantilever Based on the MCS Theory Using the FSMC Control in the Air

Undetected non-conformities in material processing led to a service failure in a casing hanger during pre-fracture operation

Multiaxial fatigue analysis of notched components using combined critical plane and critical distance approach

Fracture analysis of rounded-tip V-notched components made of rubber-like materials using averaged strain energy density criterion

Miniature Robotic Tubes with Rotational Tip-Joints as a Medical Delivery Platform

The numerical analysis of the interaction between the low-order Lamb wave modes and surface breaking cracks

Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Aging Layered Pressure Vessels

Evaluation of DBA-L pressure vessel design method by 2D and 3D solid models

Numerical mode matching for sound propagation in silencers with granular material

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Geometric Discontinuities 기하학적 불연속성

Geometric Discontinuities 기하학적 불연속성
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