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First report of leaf spots on Gentiana rhodantha caused by Pestalotiopsis trachicarpicola

First report of leaf spots caused by Pestalotiopsis trachicarpicola in Gentiana rhodantha

The Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Clinical Uses of Metagentiana Rhodantha (Franch.) T.N.Ho and S.W.Liu, an Ethnomedicine in Southwest China

Genus Metagentiana T. N. Ho & S. W. Liu (Gentianaceae Juss.) – a new record for flora of Vietnam

Rhodanthpyrone A and B play an anti-inflammatory role by suppressing the nuclear factor-κB pathway in macrophages

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Gentiana Rhodantha 젠티아나 로단다

Gentiana Rhodantha 젠티아나 로단다
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