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Meta-topolin Improves In Vitro Morphogenesis, Rhizogenesis and Biochemical Analysis in Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb.: A Potential Drug-Yielding Tree

Eucalyptus nitens plant regeneration from seedling explants through direct adventitious shoot bud formation

Hyaline Arteriolosclerosis in 30 Strains of Aged Inbred Mice

Micropropagation and Genetic Fidelity of In Vitro Grown Plantlets of Begonia malabarica Lam.

Устойчивость культивируемых злаков к тлям

Resolution of uveitis

Breeding Methods for Outcrossing Plant Species: II. Hybrid Cultivars

Determination of optimal mutagen dosage and its effects on morpho-agronomic traits in putative mutants of ‘Amasya’ apple

Rapid plant regeneration in industrially important Curcuma zedoaria revealing genetic and biochemical fidelity of the regenerants

Sexual and Apomictic Seed Reproduction in Aronia Species with Different Ploidy Levels

Combining ecological niche modeling with genetic lineage information to predict potential distribution of Mikania micrantha Kunth in South and Southeast Asia under predicted climate change

The dynamic mosaic phenotypes of flowering plants.

Insight View of Topical Trends on Synthetic Seeds of Rare and Endangered Plant Species and Its Future Prospects


The Role of Genetic Diversity to Enhance Ecosystem Service

Genetic uniformity study of parent and progeny relationship of the Papaya Merah Delima using RAPD markers

An efficient micropropagation protocol for an endangered ornamental tree species (Magnolia sirindhorniae Noot. & Chalermglin) and assessment of genetic uniformity through DNA markers

Exploring the genetics of trotting racing ability in horses using a unique Nordic horse model

Walk on the wildling side

The chloroplast genome of the marine microalga Tisochrysis lutea

Population genetics, diversity and forensic characteristics of Tai–Kadai-speaking Bouyei revealed by insertion/deletions markers

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Genetic Uniformity 유전적 균일성

Genetic Uniformity 유전적 균일성
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