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Generalized Lie n-derivations of triangular algebras

Nonlinear Generalized Lie n-Derivations on von Neumann Algebras

Generalized Lie (Jordan) Triple Derivations on Arbitrary Triangular Algebras

Generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem on bosonic symmetry protected topological phases

A Note on the “Unique” Business Cycle in the Keynesian Theory

Bernstein Bezout Matrix with Applications to the Generalized Lienard-Chipart Stability Criterion

Green functions and propagation in the Bopp–Podolsky electrodynamics

On the Uniqueness of Limit Cycles in a Generalized Liénard System

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Generalized Lie 일반화된 거짓말

Generalized Lie 일반화된 거짓말
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