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Derivation of rate equations for equilibrium limited gas-solid reactions

Catalyst ignition and extinction: A microkinetics-based bifurcation study of adiabatic reactors for oxidative coupling of methane

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Reactive molecular dynamics: From small molecules to proteins

CMOS Compatible Catalyst for MacEtch: Titanium Nitride Assisted Chemical Etching in Vapor Phase for High Aspect Ratio Silicon Nanostructures.

On the origins of the mechanistic variants in the thermal reactions of Sx+ (x = 1-3) with benzene.

Atmospheric insight into the reaction mechanism and kinetics of isopropenyl methyl ether (i-PME) initiated by OH radicals and subsequent oxidation of product radicals

Atmospheric oxidation chemistry of hexafluoroisobutylene initiated by OH radical: Kinetics and mechanism

Diurnal photodegradation of fluorinated diketones (FDKs) by OH radicals using different atmospheric simulation chambers: Role of keto-enol tautomerization on reactivity.

Fabrication of Integrated Cu-Based Nanoparticles/Amorphous Metal-Organic Framework by Facile Spray-Drying Method: Highly Enhanced CO2 Hydrogenation Activity for Methanol Synthesis.

Detection of intermediates for diatomic [TaO]+ catalyzed gas-phase reaction of methane coupling to ethane and ethylene by ICP-MS/MS

Ligand effect over gold nanocatalysts towards enhanced gas-phase oxidation of alcohols

Enhancement of plasma-catalytic oxidation of ethylene oxide (EO) over FeMn catalysts in a dielectric barrier discharge reactor.

Systematic evaluation and kinetic modeling of low heating rate sulfur release in various atmospheres

Gas-phase synthesis and deposition of metal-bipyridine complex [M-bpy1-2]+ (M = Ag, Cu).

Transformation of LPG to light olefins on composite HZSM-5/SAPO-5

Atmospheric Fate of a New Polyfluoroalkyl Building Block, C3F7OCHFCF2SCH2CH2OH.

The Simulation of Different Combustion Stages of Micron-sized Aluminum Particles

Decomposition of Formic Acid on Pt/N-Graphene

Bimetallic catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide – Kinetics, effect of support and reaction medium

Carbon Dioxide Reduction with Hydrogen on Fe, Co Supported Alumina and Carbon Catalysts under Supercritical Conditions

Tetrahedral Pt10- Cluster with Unique Beta Aromaticity and Superatomic Feature in Mimicking Methane.

Solar to hydrocarbon production using metal-free water-soluble bulk heterojunction of conducting polymer nanoparticle and graphene oxide.

A promising plasma-catalytic approach towards single-step methane conversion to oxygenates at room temperature

An innovative GC-MS, NMR and ESR combined, gas-phase investigation during chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxynitrides films from tris(dimethylsilyl)amine.

Iron Single Atom Catalyzed Quinoline Synthesis.

Neutral–neutral synthesis of organic molecules in cometary comae

Estimation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Viscosity from Explicit Modeling of Gas-Phase Oxidation of Isoprene and α-pinene

Analysis of Heterogeneous-Homogeneous Model of Oxidative Coupling of Methane Using Kinetic Scheme Reduction Procedure

Metabolic alteration of Methylococcus capsulatus str. Bath during a microbial gas-phase reaction.

Thermal decomposition of perfluorinated carboxylic acids: Kinetic model and theoretical requirements for PFAS incineration.

Effects of Early Pollution Control Measures on Secondary Species of PM2.5 in Jiaozuo, China

Characteristics, formation mechanisms, and sources of non-refractory submicron aerosols in Guangzhou, China

Reaction between a NO2 Dimer and Dissolved SO2: A New Mechanism for ONSO3- Formation and its Fate in Aerosol.

Detection of complex organic molecules in young starless core L1521E

Exploring chemical kinetics of plasma assisted oxidation of dimethyl ether (DME)

Characteristics of ambient ammonia and its effects on particulate ammonium in winter of urban Beijing, China

Comprehensive Analysis of Products and the Development of a Quantitative Mechanism for the OH Radical-Initiated Oxidation of 1-Alkenes in the Presence of NOx.

Bottlenecks to interstellar sulfur chemistry

Chemical formation and source apportionment of PM2.5 at an urban site at the southern foot of the Taihang mountains.

Assessment of the Second-Ionization Potential of Lawrencium: Investigating the End of the Actinide Series with a One-Atom-at-a-Time Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry Technique.

Reaction Dynamics Study of the Molecular Hydrogen Loss Channel in the Elementary Reactions of Ground-State Silicon Atoms (Si(3P)) With 1- and 2-Methyl-1,3-Butadiene (C5H8).

Gas-phase etherification of cyclopentanol with methanol to cyclopentyl methyl ether catalyzed by zeolites

Rapid production of highly oxidized molecules in isoprene aerosol via peroxy and alkoxy radical isomerization pathways in low and high NOx environments: Combined laboratory, computational and field studies.

Formation of Luminescing High-Temperature Ceramics upon Exposure to Powerful High-Energy Electron Flux

Chemical Composition of Gas and Particle Phase Products of Toluene Photooxidation Reaction under High OH Exposure Condition

Direct Evidence on the Mechanism of Methane Conversion under Non-oxidative Conditions over Iron-modified Silica: The Role of Propargyl Radicals Unveiled.

A core-shell box model for simulating viscosity dependent secondary organic aerosol (CSVA) and its application.

An experimental study of the gas-phase reaction between Cl atoms and trans-2-pentenal: Kinetics, products and SOA formation.

Nonadiabatic reaction dynamics to silicon monosulfide (SiS): A key molecular building block to sulfur-rich interstellar grains

Comparison of photocatalytic activity of αFe2O3-TiO2/P on the removal of pollutants on liquid and gaseous phase

An analysis on catalyst wettability design in strong exothermic reactions

Gas-phase ozonolysis of trans-2-hexenal: Kinetics, products, mechanism and SOA formation

Gas-Phase Oxidation Rates and Products of 1,2-Dihydroxy Isoprene.

Improved Catalytic Activity of the High-Temperature Water Gas Shift Reaction on Metal-Exsolved La0.9Ni0.05Fe0.95O3 by Controlling Reduction Time

Uniform High Ionic Conducting Lithium Sulfide Protection Layer for Stable Lithium Metal Anode

Fabrication of carbon-slag composite via a pyrolytic platform and its environmental application for arsenic removal as a case study

A finite element model for mixed potential sensors

Ab Initio Calculations for Molecule-Surface Interactions with Chemical Accuracy.

Non‐covalent Interactions and Charge Transfer between Propene and Neutral Yttrium‐Doped and Pure Gold Clusters

Switching of the reaction enthalpy from exothermic to endothermic for decomposition of H2CO3 under confinement.

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Experimental and numerical study on the transition conditions and influencing factors of hetero-/homogeneous reaction for H2/Air mixture in micro catalytic combustor

Au/CeO2-ZnO/Al2O3 as Versatile Catalysts for Oxidation Reactions: Application in Gas/Liquid Environmental Processes

Numerical Simulation of High Al Component AlGaN Films Grown by MOCVD

Structural and magnetic properties of mono-dispersed iron carbide (FexCy) nanoparticles synthesized by facile gas phase reaction

Chemoselectivity in the Oxidation of Cycloalkenes with a Non-Heme Iron(IV)-Oxo-Chloride Complex: Epoxidation vs. Hydroxylation Selectivity

Gas phase synthesis of [4]-helicene

W–Nb–O oxides with tunable acid properties as efficient catalysts for the transformation of biomass-derived oxygenates in aqueous systems

Catalytic pyrolysis of swine manure using CO2 and steel slag.

EStokTP: Electronic Structure to Temperature- and Pressure-Dependent Rate Constants-A Code for Automatically Predicting the Thermal Kinetics of Reactions.

Influencing selectivity in the oxidative coupling of methane by modulating oxygen permeation in a variable thickness membrane reactor