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To cross or not to cross? Review and meta-analysis of pedestrian gap acceptance decisions at midblock street crossings

A probabilistic model for pedestrian gap acceptance behavior at uncontrolled midblock crosswalks

Gap Acceptance sentence examples within Critical Gap Acceptance

Critical gap acceptance at two-way stop controlled intersections

Displaying Vehicle Driving Mode - Effects on Pedestrian Behavior and Perceived Safety

Gap Acceptance sentence examples within gap acceptance model

A Review of Roundabout Capacity Model

Toward Safe and Personalized Autonomous Driving: Decision-Making and Motion Control With DPF and CDT Techniques

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Gap Acceptance sentence examples within gap acceptance theory

Review of Roundabout Capacity Based on Gap Acceptance

Capacity Modeling of Weaving Areas on Urban Expressways with Exclusive Bus Lanes Based on Gap Acceptance Theory

Gap Acceptance sentence examples within gap acceptance probability

Stop Sign Gap Assist Application in a Connected Vehicle Simulation Environment

Gap acceptance behavior at unsignalized intersections: Effects of using a phone and a music player while driving

Gap Acceptance sentence examples within gap acceptance behavior

Understanding Gap Acceptance Behavior at Unsignalized Intersections using Naturalistic Driving Study Data

CLACD: A complete LAne-Changing decision modeling framework for the connected and traditional environments

Gap Acceptance sentence examples within gap acceptance parameter

Implementation of the Australian roundabout analysis method in SIDRA

Driver Gap Acceptance Characteristics at Roundabouts and Meta-analysis of Recent Studies in India

Characteristics of Heavy Vehicle Discretionary Lane Changing Based on Trajectory Data

Comparison of safety and kinematic patterns of automated vehicles turning left in interaction with oncoming manually driven vehicles

Testing of bicycle lighting: Method development and evaluation

Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of a Cooperative Dynamic Bus Lane System With Connected Vehicles

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Study on Uncontrolled Intersection Under Mixed Traffic Condition-A Review

Evaluation of pedestrian critical gap and crossing speed at midblock crossing using image processing.

Learner drivers (and their parent-supervisors) benefit from an online hazard perception course incorporating evidence-based training strategies and extensive crash footage.

Highway Exiting Planner for Automated Vehicles Using Reinforcement Learning

Effects of Avatars on Street Crossing Tasks in Virtual Reality

Road Users’ Behavior at Marked Crosswalks on Channelized Right-Turn Lanes at Intersections in the State of Qatar

A Hybrid Control Design for Autonomous Vehicles at Uncontrolled Crosswalks

Models for estimating the capacity of roundabouts

Examining lane change gap acceptance, duration and impact using naturalistic driving data

Analysis of cut-in behavior based on naturalistic driving data.

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Gap Acceptance 갭 수용

Gap Acceptance 갭 수용
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