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Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within second kind matrix

GBC and Helmholtz-Galerkin Technique for the Analysis of Plane Wave Scattering from Graphene Covered Thin Dielectric Disk

Analysis of the Scattering from a Two Stacked Thin Resistive Disks Resonator by Means of the Helmholtz–Galerkin Regularizing Technique

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Discontinuou Galerkin Scheme

Equivalent-Single-Layer discontinuous Galerkin methods for static analysis of multilayered shells

Numerical study of two models for viscous compressible fluid flows

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Continuou Galerkin Scheme

Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis for linear and non-linear elastodynamics

Analysis of the SBP-SAT Stabilization for Finite Element Methods Part II: Entropy Stability

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Wavelet Galerkin Scheme

An adaptive wavelet Galerkin scheme for solving contact problems based on elliptic variational inequalities of the first kind

Modelling and Simulation of a Moving Boundary Problem Arising During Immersion Frying of Foods

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Mode Galerkin Scheme

Nonlinear forced vibrations of functionally graded piezoelectric cylindrical shells under electric-thermo-mechanical loads

Experimental and analytical study on the superharmonic resonance of size-dependent cantilever microbeams

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Discrete Galerkin Scheme

Numerical approximation of the generalized regularized long wave equation using Petrov-Galerkin finite element method

Convergence of an implicit Euler Galerkin scheme for Poisson–Maxwell–Stefan systems

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Weak Galerkin Scheme

Convergence analysis of weak Galerkin flux-based mixed finite element method for solving singularly perturbed convection-diffusion-reaction problem

Weak Galerkin mixed finite element methods for parabolic equations with memory

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Spectral Galerkin Scheme

Fast Solver for Quasi-Periodic 2D-Helmholtz Scattering in Layered Media

A spectral Galerkin approximation of optimal control problem governed by fractional advection-diffusion-reaction equations

Galerkin Scheme sentence examples within Standard Galerkin Scheme

Analysis of Backward Euler Primal DPG Methods

Asymptotically compatible reproducing kernel collocation and meshfree integration for nonlocal diffusion

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Dynamics and stability of imperfect flexible cylinders in axial flow

On the modified transmission eigenvalue problem with an artificial metamaterial background

Dual finite frames for vector spaces over an arbitrary field with applications

Convective flow of alumina–water nanofluid in a square vessel in presence of the exothermic chemical reaction and hydromagnetic field

A Locking-Free DPG Scheme for Timoshenko Beams

Convergence analysis of an L1-continuous Galerkin method for nonlinear time-space fractional Schrödinger equations

Analysis of the Rigorous Coupled Wave Approach for p-polarized light in gratings

An overstability analysis of vertically vibrated suspension of active swimmers subjected to thermal stratification

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Nonlinear forced vibrations of FGM sandwich cylindrical shells with porosities on an elastic substrate

A Galerkin approach to analyze MHD flow of nanofluid along converging/diverging channels

The Analysis Of Scattering For Transverse Electric By Perfectly Conducting Connected Strips At Node

Nonlinear forced vibration of in-plane bi-directional functionally graded materials rectangular plate with global and localized geometrical imperfections

Energy-conserving Galerkin approximations for quasigeostrophic dynamics

A coupled longitudinal-transverse nonlinear NSGT model for CNTs incorporating internal energy loss

Variational multi-scale finite element method for the two-phase flow of polymer melt filling process

Three-to-One Internal Resonance in MEMS Arch Resonators

FINMHD: An Adaptive Finite-element Code for Magnetic Reconnection and Formation of Plasmoid Chains in Magnetohydrodynamics

A constrained broadband nonlinear energy harvester

A Viscosity-Independent Error Estimate of a Pressure-Stabilized Lagrange–Galerkin Scheme for the Oseen Problem

A modified Taylor Galerkin scheme for turbulent compressible flow simulation

Optimality Properties of Galerkin and Petrov–Galerkin Methods for Linear Matrix Equations

Nonlinear forced vibration of functionally graded Timoshenko microbeams with thermal effect and parametric excitation

Wave propagation through an interface between dissimilar media with a doubly periodic array of arbitrary shaped planar delaminations

Chaos in fluid-conveying NSGT nanotubes with geometric imperfections

A Fully-Mixed Finite Element Method for the n-Dimensional Boussinesq Problem with Temperature-Dependent Parameters

Efficient energy harvesting from nonlinear vibrations of PZT beam under simultaneous resonances

Unknown-but-bounded uncertainty propagation in spacecraft structural system: Interval reduced basis method and its integrated framework

Stochastic dynamics and wavelets techniques for system response analysis and diagnostics: Diverse applications in structural and biomedical engineering

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