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Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within integral derivative controller

Mitigation of harmonics and inter-harmonics with LVRT and HVRT enhancement in grid-connected wind energy systems using genetic algorithm- optimized PWM and fuzzy adaptive PID control

Development of Embedded Sensor System for 5-DOF Finger-Wearable Tactile Interface

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within particle swarm optimization

A Hybrid Firefly-Swarm Optimized Fractional Order Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID-PSS for Transient Stability Improvement

A particle swarm optimization, fuzzy PID controller with generator automatic voltage regulator

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within conventional proportional integral

Speed control of brushless direct current motor using a genetic algorithm–optimized fuzzy proportional integral differential controller

Fuzzy proportional-integral speed control of switched reluctance motor with MATLAB/Simulink and programmable logic controller communication

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within Adaptive Fuzzy Proportional

Adaptive fuzzy PI controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive based on predictive functional control

A Robust Fuzzy PD Inverse Dynamics Decoupling Control of Spherical Motion Mechanism With Fuzzy Linear Extended State Observer

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within 2 Fuzzy Proportional

An optimised Interval type-2 fuzzy PID-based PSS for stability improvement in solar-PV integrated power system considering uncertainties

Lyapunov approach based design of a gain adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy controller for servo systems

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within Order Fuzzy Proportional

Salp Swarm Algorithm tuned control scheme for mitigating frequency deviations in hybrid power system and comparative analysis

Design of optimal fractional order fuzzy PID controller based on cuckoo search algorithm for core power control in molten salt reactors

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within Tuning Fuzzy Proportional

Development of Embedded Sensor System for 5-DOF Finger-Wearable Tactile Interface

HydroPower Plant Planning for Resilience Improvement of Power Systems using Fuzzy-Neural based Genetic Algorithm

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within Novel Fuzzy Proportional

Robust normalization and H∞ stabilization for uncertain Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy singular systems with time-delays

Design an optimal fuzzy fractional proportional integral derivative controller with derivative filter for load frequency control in power systems

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within New Fuzzy Proportional

Navigation of a Fuzzy-Controlled Wheeled Robot Through the Combination of Expert Knowledge and Data-Driven Multiobjective Evolutionary Learning.

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for the analyzing of smart speed control in highly nonlinear hybrid electric vehicle

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within Optimal Fuzzy Proportional

An Optimal Fuzzy Logic-based PI Controller for the Speed Control of an Induction Motor using the V/F Method

Inverse Dynamics Based Optimal Fuzzy Controller for a Robot Manipulator via Particle Swarm Optimization

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within fuzzy proportional integral

Fuzzy PID with Filtered Derivative Mode Based Load Frequency Control of Two-Area Power System

Development and Application of Fuzzy Proportional-Integral Control Scheme in Pitch Angle Compensation Loop for Wind Turbines

Fuzzy Proportional sentence examples within fuzzy proportional derivative

Lyapunov approach based design of a gain adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy controller for servo systems

Neuro-Robotic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Improving Disturbance Rejection Capability for a Quadcopter UAV System Using Self-Regulating Fuzzy PID Controller

MPGA-based-ECMS for energy optimization of a hybrid electric city bus with dual planetary gear

Embedded Fuzzy PD Controller for Robot Manipulator

Comparative Study of Fuzzy PID and PID Controller Optimized with Spider Monkey Optimization for a Robotic Manipulator System


Positioning Electromechanical System with Adaptive Fuzzy Proportional-Plus-Integral Position Controller

Framework for Personalized Real-Time Control of Hidden Temperature Variables in Therapeutic Knee Cooling

Disturbance Observer and Tube-Based Model Predictive Controlled Electric Vehicles for Frequency Regulation of an Isolated Power Grid

Modelling dynamics of coronavirus disease 2019 spread for pandemic forecasting based on Simulink

Electromechanical guidance system based on a fuzzy proportional-plus-differential position controller

Mechanical Design and Analysis of the End-Effector Finger Rehabilitation Robot (EFRR) for Stroke Patients

Modeling of Electromechanical System Modes with Fuzzy Proportional-Integral Position Regulator

Modelling and Control of a 2-DOF Robot Arm with Elastic Joints for Safe Human-Robot Interaction

Fast and Precise Control for the Vibration Amplitude of an Ultrasonic Transducer Based on Fuzzy PID Control

Fuzzy modelling of combustion efficiency and control of excess air flow case study: 320-MW steam unit/Isfahan Power Plant/Iran

Development of robotic polishing/fettling system on ceramic pots

New design of adaptive model predictive control for energy conversion system with wind torque effect

Designed of Automatic Frequency Tracking System for Ultrasound Based on FPGA

Study on the visual tracking control technology of six-crawler machine

Study on the fuzzy proportional–integral–derivative direct torque control strategy without flux linkage observation for brushless direct current motors

Integrated yaw and rollover control based on differential braking for off-road vehicles with mechanical elastic wheel

Fuzzy PD Plus I Control-based Adaptive Cruise Control System in Simulation and Real-time Environment

A robust two-feedback loops position control algorithm for compliant low-cost series elastic actuators*

Trajectory Control of Tunnel Boring Machine Based on Adaptive Rectification Trajectory Planning and Multi-cylinders Coordinated Control

Increase of Electromagnetic Compatibility of the Rotary Type Electromagnetic Separator with Semiconductor Current Regulators

A Prototype of Newly Dynamic Underwater Vehicle Using Fuzzy PID Control

Mamdani-Based Fuzzy PI Controller Tuned by Binary GWO Technique for LFC Problem in Solar-Thermal Interconnected System

Multi-Closed-Loop Design for Quadrotor path-Tracking Control

Research on kinematics and attitude control model of a surgical interventional catheter

Optimal Load-Frequency Regulation of Demand Response Supported Isolated Hybrid Microgrid Using Fuzzy PD+I Controller

A Compound Control Based on the Piezo-Actuated Stage with Bouc–Wen Model

H∞ fuzzy PID control for discrete time-delayed T-S fuzzy systems

A Human Attitude Solving Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller and Complementary Filter

H∞ Fuzzy PID Control under Try-Once-Discard Protocol

Integrated yaw and rollover stability control of an off-road vehicle with mechanical elastic wheel

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