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Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within 2 Fuzzy Parameters

Supplier Selection Problem with Type-2 Fuzzy Parameters: A Neutrosophic Optimization Approach

A method to solve linear programming problem with interval type-2 fuzzy parameters

Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within Intuitionistic Fuzzy Parameters

Solving intuitionistic fuzzy multiobjective linear programming problem under neutrosophic environment

Analysing interval and multi-choice bi-level programming for Stackelberg game using intuitionistic fuzzy programming

Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within Triangular Fuzzy Parameters

Three stages algorithm for finding optimal solution of balanced triangular fuzzy transportation problems

A scenario-based mathematical approach to a robust project portfolio selection problem under fuzzy uncertainty

Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within Different Fuzzy Parameters

Enhanced Non-circular Dynamic Base Station Approach to Increase Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network

Enhanced Non-circular Dynamic Base Station Approach to Increase Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network

Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within Two Fuzzy Parameters

High-precision bearing signal recovery based on signal fusion and variable stepsize forward-backward pursuit

Fuzzifying approach to special cutting in poultry meat production planning

Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within Involving Fuzzy Parameters

Developing a new optimization energy model using fuzzy linear programming

Multi-objective imprecise programming for financial portfolio selection with fuzzy returns

Fuzzy Parameters sentence examples within Involved Fuzzy Parameters

Forward and inverse techniques for fuzzy fractional systems applied to radon transport in soil chambers

Study of Jeffery-Hamel flow problem for nanofluid with fuzzy volume fraction using double parametric based Adomian decomposition method

Analysis of strategies for substitutable and complementary products in a two-levels fuzzy supply chain system

Ensemble intelligent systems for predicting water network condition index

Selection of Scholarship Recipient by Implementing Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic Intelligent system for an Automatic medical waste segregation

Stability and optimal harvesting of a predator-prey system combining prey refuge with fuzzy biological parameters


Measure of influences in social networks


Neutrosophic fuzzy goal programming approach in selective maintenance allocation of system reliability

Day-Ahead and Intra-Day Optimal Scheduling of Integrated Energy System Considering Uncertainty of Source & Load Power Forecasting

An Energy-Efficient Routing Scheduling based on Fuzzy Ranking Scheme for Internet of Things (IoT)

A Data-Based Approach Using a Multi-Group SIR Model with Fuzzy Subsets: Application to the COVID-19 Simulation in the Islands of Guadeloupe

Numerical solution of Langevin stochastic differential equation with uncertain parameters

Colouring fuzziness for systems biology

Static Response Analysis of a Dual Crane System Using Fuzzy Parameters

Development of a Set of Models for Reactors of a Catalytic Reforming Unit Using Information of a Different Nature

Fuzzy Balanced Allocation Problem with Efficiency on Servers

Comparison of modelling approaches demonstrated for p16-mediated signalling pathway in higher eukaryotes.

Exploring the Main Effect of e-Banking on the Banking Industry Concentration Degree on Predicting the Future of the Banking Industry: A Case Study

An SIR epidemic model for COVID-19 spread with fuzzy parameter: the case of Indonesia

Fuzzy Order Acceptance and Scheduling on Identical Parallel Machines

Interactive α-satisfactory method for multi-objective optimization with fuzzy parameters and linguistic preference

On discrete-time laser model with fuzzy environment

Reliability redundancy allocation problems under fuzziness using genetic algorithm and dual-connection numbers

A Fuzzy Interactive BI-objective Model for SVM to Identify the Best Compromise Solution for Measuring the Degree of Infection With Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19)

Estimation of Fuzzy Parameters in the Linear Muskingum Model with the Aid of Particle Swarm Optimization

Solving fuzzy multi-objective shortest path problem based on data envelopment analysis approach

Multi-objective model for supplier selection and order allocation problem with fuzzy parameters

A multi-level programming model for green supplier selection

Constraint Programming-Based Transformation Approach for a Multi-Objective & Multi-Mode Resource Investment Project Scheduling Problem Under Mixed Fuzzy-Stochastic Uncertainties

The analysis of the FM/FM/1 queue with single working vacation and impatience of customers

Soft robust solutions to possibilistic optimization problems

Fuzzy multiple objective fractional optimization in rough approximation and its aptness to the fixed-charge transportation problem

Pricing policy on a dual competitive channel for a green product under fuzzy conditions

Application of Fuzzy Convolutional Neural Network for Disease Diagnosis: A Case of Covid-19 Diagnosis Through CT Scanned Lung Images

Fractional-order fuzzy adaptive controller design for uncertain robotic manipulators

Goal programming approach for solving multi-objective fractional transportation problem with fuzzy parameters

Biochemical Reaction Networks with Fuzzy Kinetic Parameters in Snoopy

Exploiting stochastic Petri nets with fuzzy parameters to predict efficient drug combinations for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

A signed distance method for solving multi-objective transportation problems in fuzzy environment

Uncertainty propagation of the energy flow in vibro-acoustic system with fuzzy parameters


Solving Vendor Selection Problem with Fuzzy Parameters Using Interval Programming with Fuzzy Numbers

On discrete time Beverton-Holt population model with fuzzy environment.

Bi-objective optimal planning for emergency resource allocation in the maritime oil spill accident response phase under uncertainty

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Synthesis of the Information System Structure in Conditions of Uncertainty

Availability of a two-unit warm standby system with different fuzzy Rayleigh failure rates

Production planning in industrial townships modeled as hub location-allocation problems considering congestion in manufacturing plants

An Estimation of a Hybrid Log-Poisson Regression Using a Quadratic Optimization Program for Optimal Loss Reserving in Insurance

Application of a Fuzzy Two-Stage Chance Constrained Stochastic Programming Model for Optimization of the Ecological Services Value of the Interconnected River System Network Project in the Western Jilin Province, China

Fuzzy Noise-Induced Codimension-Two Bifurcations Captured by Fuzzy Generalized Cell Mapping with Adaptive Interpolation

Neutrosophic programming approach to multiobjective nonlinear transportation problem with fuzzy parameters

Aplicações da extensão de Zadeh na dinâmica do HIV com retardo fuzzy sob tratamento antirretroviral

Multicriteria Decision-Making Problems Under Uncertainty and Their Solution

Identification of Dynamic Systems Using Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm

Development and Comparison of Two New Methods for Quantifying Uncertainty in Analysis of Flow Through Rockfill Structures

Hybrid evidence-and-fuzzy uncertainty propagation under a dual-level analysis framework

On the problem of possibilistic-probabilistic optimization with constraints on possibility/probability in the case of the weakest t-norm

Quality Control Process Based on Fuzzy Random Variables

Soft robust solutions to possibilistic optimization problems

Multi-objective linear fractional inventory problem under intuitionistic fuzzy environment

The analysis of the M/M/1 queue with two vacation policies using pentagonal fuzzy numbers

Fuzzy logic-based adaptive equaliser for non-linear perpendicular magnetic recording channels

A fuzzy multi-objective optimization approach for treated wastewater allocation

A new neuro-fuzzy-based classification approach for hyperspectral remote sensing images

The Expected Value Model of the Fuzzy Economic Production Quantity Based on Credibility Measure

Fuzzy Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem Under Fuzzy Job Deterioration and Learning Effects With Fuzzy Processing Times

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Fuzzy Parameters 퍼지 매개변수

Fuzzy Parameters 퍼지 매개변수
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