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A Comprehensive Fuzzy Ontology-Based Decision Support System for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

Fuzzy Ontology for Automatic Skin Lesion Classification

Sentiment Analysis for E-Learning Counting on Neuro-Fuzzy and Fuzzy Ontology Classification

An Extended Semantic Interoperability Model for Distributed Electronic Health Record Based on Fuzzy Ontology Semantics

A fuzzy ontology framework in information retrieval using semantic query expansion

Ontology-based prediction of cochlear implantation outcome using cross-modal plasticity analysis

Sentiment Analysis of Indonesia’s National Economic Endurance using Fuzzy Ontology-Based Semantic Knowledge

Fuzzy Ontology with ANFIS Neural Network for Semantic Sensor Networks in Smart Homes based on Internet of Things

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Fuzzy-Based Fine-Grained Human Activity Recognition within Smart Environments

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Hybridization of fuzzy time series and fuzzy ontologies in the diagnosis of complex technical systems

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Fuzzy ontology structure for information leaks and ISC

A unified fuzzy ontology for distributed electronic health record semantic interoperability

Modified Knowledge Inference Method Based on Fuzzy Ontology and Base of Cases

Reasoning methodologies in clinical decision support systems: A literature review

Integration of Fuzzy OWL Ontologies and Fuzzy Time Series in the Determination of Faulty Technical Units

Temporal Relations Between Imprecise Time Intervals: Representation and Reasoning

Identification of New Parameters for Ontology Based Semantic Similarity Measures

Automated Essay Evaluation Based on Fusion of Fuzzy Ontology and Latent Semantic Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis of Unstructured Social Network Data Using the Extended Ontology SentiWordNet

A Fuzzy Approach for Data Quality Assessment of Linked Datasets

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Fuzzy Ontology 퍼지 온톨로지

Fuzzy Ontology 퍼지 온톨로지
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