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Soft Computing: Three Decades Fuzzy Models and Applications

Using Machine Learning Methods to Estimate the Cost of Housing

Fuzzy Methods sentence examples within adaptive neuro fuzzy

A hybrid machine learning approach in modeling the impact of chromium concentration in blood and gonads on the concentration of the reproductive hormones of Urva auropunctatus

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Drought forecasting using novel heuristic methods in a semi-arid environment

Analisis Tingkat Akurasi Metode Neuro Fuzzy dalam Prediksi Data IPM di NTB

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Evaluation of Land Suitability Methods with Reference to Neglected and Underutilised Crop Species: A Scoping Review

“One Out–All Out” Principle in the Water Framework Directive 2000—A New Approach with Fuzzy Method on an Example of Greek Lakes

Innovation capabilities measurement using fuzzy methodologies: a Colombian SMEs case

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Applicability of Fuzzy and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (Fuzzy AHP) Methods to Determine the Optimum Soil Depth in Land Suitability Evaluation for Irrigated Rice

DPSIR framework priorities and its application to forest management: a fuzzy modeling

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Comparison of modelling approaches demonstrated for p16-mediated signalling pathway in higher eukaryotes.

Using Fuzzy Logic to Analyze the Spatial Distribution of Pottery in Unstratified Archaeological Sites: The Case of the Pobedim Hillfort (Slovakia)

Measuring Distance between Quantum States by Fuzzy Similarity Operators

Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms on HPC Platforms

An Improved Similarity Measure for Generalized Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application in the Classification of EEG Signals

Practical applications of fuzzy set theory in flight safety management

Is Time Fuzzy

Fermatean fuzzy TOPSIS-based approach for occupational risk assessment in manufacturing

A Review on Neuro-Fuzzy System in the Diagnosis of Psychiatric Disorder

Bayesian Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Temporal Dependence Estimation

Design of Parking Control Using Ultrasonic Sensor Based On Fuzzy Logic

Mobility justice: the politics of movement in an age of extremes

A model-based fuzzy analysis of questionnaires

A review of data-driven fault detection and diagnosis methods: applications in chemical process systems

Exploiting stochastic Petri nets with fuzzy parameters to predict efficient drug combinations for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Penentuan Jumlah Kelas Matakuliah Menggunakan Fuzzy Tsukamoto dan Metode K-Means Cluster

Pan evaporation modeling by three different neuro-fuzzy intelligent systems using climatic inputs

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Subjective Risk Estimation of the Rare Event

A Hybrid clustering and classification technique for forecasting short‐term energy consumption

Cognitive Systems for Urban Planning: A Literature Review

Construction of models for estimating the technical condition of a hydrogenerator using fuzzy data on the state of its local nodes

Gap quality of employee attendance system application using technology acceptance model approach and fuzzy

Methods and models of fuzzy logic in the systems of technical diagnostics

Spatial Disaster Risk Assesment of Kelud Eruption, Indonesia, using Fuzzy

Model supporting decisions on renovation and modernization of public utility buildings

RIT2FIS: A Recurrent Interval Type 2 Fuzzy Inference System and its Rule Base Estimation

Assessment the Attractiveness of Countries for Investment by Expert Knowledge Compilation

Stability Analysis with an NVH Minimal Model for Brakes under Consideration of Polymorphic Uncertainty of Friction

Operation Planning of Wind Farms with Pumped Storage Plants Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Modeling of Uncertainties

Efficiency of seismic wave velocity and electrical resistivity in estimation of limestone rock mass quality indices (Q, Qsrm) (Case study: Asmari formation, SW Iran)

Integration of ANP and Fuzzy set techniques for land suitability assessment based on remote sensing and GIS for irrigated maize cultivation

Gap quality of employee attendance system application using technology acceptance model approach and fuzzy

A Fuzzy Base Classifier for Fuzzy Data Included Location Segmentation

Quantile Regression and Clustering Models of Prediction Intervals for Weather Forecasts: A Comparative Study

Evaluation of Classical Operators and Fuzzy Logic Algorithms for Edge Detection of Panels at Exterior Cladding of Buildings

Pricing European options under uncertainty with application of Levy processes and the minimal Lq equivalent martingale measure

Evaluation of healthcare service quality management in an Iranian hospital by using fuzzy logic

Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems for Controlling Plant Growth Parameters in Greenhouses Using Fog Networks

Solution Approaches for the Management of the Water Resources in Irrigation Water Systems with Fuzzy Costs

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Fuzzy Methods 퍼지 방법

Fuzzy Methods 퍼지 방법
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