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The Indus Delta Between Past and Future: Precarious Livelihoods and Neoliberal Imaginaries in a Parched Coastal Belt

Indian Pharmaceutical Industries Current Status and Togetherness to Overcome Speed Breakers in Term of Quality Issues to make India as a Global Pharma Destination

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E-learning Challenges in Light of the Corona Pandemic: Perspectives of Physical Education Teachers in the Governorate of Karak


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Climate change education and communication in global review: tracking progress through national submissions to the UNFCCC Secretariat

Hybrid Warfare

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CGRA-ME: An Open-Source Framework for CGRA Architecture and CAD Research : (Invited Paper)

Microwave Doppler Radar Experiment on a River

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Smart City Waste Management through ICT and IoT driven Solution

Mapping Customers’ Mind Value to Avoid Pseudo Needs in Consuming Drinks during Flight based on Ethical Marketing Approach

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WS14.1 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on quality of life of adults with cystic fibrosis

Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Doctoral Students’ Thesis/Dissertation Progress

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The OARSI “joint effort initiative” repository of online osteoarthritis management programmes: an implementation rapid response during covid-19

Multi-Disciplined Ecosystem-Centric Bioentrepreneurship Education: Case Study – University of San Francisco (USF)

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Trainees4trainees: an innovative peer support project for junior doctors across specialties

Early School Years follow up of the Asking Questions in Alcohol Longitudinal Study in Melbourne, Australia (AQUA at 6): Cohort profile

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Cohort Profile: a Prospective Household cohort study of Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial virus, and other respiratory pathogens community burden and Transmission dynamics in South Africa (PHIRST), 2016-2018

Cohort profile: SCREEN-RA: design, methods and perspectives of a Swiss cohort study of first-degree relatives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Longitudinal cohorts for harnessing the electronic health record for disease prediction in a US population

Cohort profile: Prematurity Immunology in Mothers living with HIV and their infants Study (PIMS)

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Cohort profile: a national, population-based cohort of children born after assisted conception in the UK (1992–2009): methodology and birthweight analysis

The Danish HIV Birth Cohort (DHBC) - a nationwide, prospective cohort

Forecasting the Number of Visitors of the Museums and Ruins by Using Time Series Analysis: The Case of Turkey

Relationship between career education experience among final year dental hygiene students and their perspective towards work and profession: a nationwide survey in dental hygiene schools of Japan.

Reimagining Account and Allocation Management for Advanced Research Computing

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Attitude towards migration of psychiatric trainees and early career psychiatrists in Iran

Electromagnetic Analysis of an Ultra-Lightweight Cipher: PRESENT

Building a Sustainable Comprehensive Multiple Myeloma Program in Western Kenya

Delivering negative emissions with BECCS – A Life Cycle Assessment of coal-waste co-firing with CO2 transport and storage

Communication from the Editor-in-Chief: State of the ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Medical teacher in ten minutes

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) medical students – an examination of their journey and experiences as medical students in limbo

Fighting Against Stroke in Latin America: A Joint Effort of Medical Professional Societies and Governments

Introducing SMRTT: A Structural Equation Model of Multimodal Real-Time Trust

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Sustainability Tourism and Socio-Economic Development

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Integrating business simulations software into learning environment of technical university

What do females really dream of? An individual-differences perspective on determining how narrative identity affects types of life projects and the ways of telling them

Cohort profile: DOLORisk Dundee: a longitudinal study of chronic neuropathic pain

Overview of Cervical Cancer Prevention Services in Khartoum State – December 2018: A Case Study

The IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System - developing and maintaining a competent health promotion workforce.

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Implementation of Low-Cost Voice Command Robot Using Arduino Uno Platform

Improving Stress Management and Sleep Hygiene in Intelligent Homes

A ‘PERMA’ Response to the Pandemic: An Online Positive Education Programme to Promote Wellbeing in University Students

Outlook for artificial intelligence and machine learning at the NSLS-II

Cohort Profile: Norwegian Survey of Health and Ageing (NORSE)

Leveraging competitiveness to develop optimal strategies: evidence from the restaurant industry

Experiences Supporting DPC++ in AMReX

Trend of nutrition research in endocrine disorders, gaps, and future plans: a collection of experiences of an endocrinology research institute

Cohort profile: development and characteristics of a retrospective cohort of individuals dispensed prescription opioids for non-cancer pain in British Columbia, Canada

The state of adoption of anesthesia information management systems in Canadian academic anesthesia departments: a survey

Primary School Libraries in the Southern Region

Advances in Insulin Pump Infusion Sets Symposium Report

Cohort profile of Acutelines: a large data/biobank of acute and emergency medicine

NaviChoker: Augmenting Pressure Sensation via Pneumatic Actuator

Mid-German Sepsis Cohort (MSC): a prospective observational study of sepsis survivorship

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Future Plans 향후 계획

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