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The Anthropocene, hyperobjects and the archaeology of the future past

Days of Future Past: comics and history

Assessing Suitability of Sentinel-2 Bands for Monitoring of Nutrient Concentration of Pastures with a Range of Species Compositions

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Reforming Church and Nation

Text, Topos, and the Awareness of History in Frédéric Mistral’s Poème du Rhône

African Futures Past: Material Horizons of Peasant Expectations in Senegal

True bromance: the authenticity behind the Stewart/McKellen relationship

Pasture chemoscapes and their ecological services

Aluminium-BSF Versus PERC Solar Cells: Study of Rear Side Passivation Quality and Diffusion Length

Future pasts: about a form of thought in modern society

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Future Past 미래의 과거

Future Past 미래의 과거
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