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Hidden Markov Model to Predict Tourists Visited Places

A Quadruple Diffusion Convolutional Recurrent Network for Human Motion Prediction

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Geodetic and UAV Monitoring in the Sustainable Management of Shallow Landslides and Erosion of a Susceptible Urban Environment

Analysis of temporal pattern, causal interaction and predictive modeling of financial markets using nonlinear dynamics, econometric models and machine learning algorithms

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A Short-term Motion Prediction Approach for Guaranteed Collision-Free Planning

Active Acoustic Source Tracking Exploiting Particle Filtering and Monte Carlo Tree Search

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A Grunwald-Letnikov based Manta ray foraging optimizer for global optimization and image segmentation

Pose Recognition for Dense Vehicles under Complex Street Scenario

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Context-Aware Online Offloading Strategy with Mobility Prediction for Mobile Edge Computing

“Eagle Eye”--Application Analysis of Instant Playback System to Tennis Match

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Guest Editorial Special Issue on DC Protection

Users, planners, and governments perspectives: A public survey on autonomous vehicles future advancements

Implementation of Sensor Filters and Altitude Estimation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Kalman Filter

Stock Price Prediction Using Machine Learning

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Local-constraint transformer network for stock movement prediction

What makes a global movement? Analyzing the conditions for strong participation in the climate strike

The framing of environmental citizenship and youth participation in the Fridays for Future Movement in Finland – commentary to Huttunen and Albrecht

Differential effects of cerebellar degeneration on feedforward versus feedback control across speech and reaching movements

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Predicting short-to-medium horizon returns

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Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithm to Forecast Indian Stock Market

Forceps Motion Estimation in Laparoscopic Surgery using Deep Learning for Robotic Camera Control

Why do youth participate in climate activism? A mixed-methods investigation of the #FridaysForFuture climate protests.

Learning Multiple Stock Trading Patterns with Temporal Routing Adaptor and Optimal Transport

The Planning Horizon for Movement Sequences

Autonomous Car Motion Prediction Based On Hybrid Resnet Model

Just Adapt: Engaging Disadvantaged Young People in Planning for Climate Adaptation

SkillsFuture: The Roles of Public and Private Sectors in Developing a Learning Society in Singapore

Differential Effects of Cerebellar Degeneration on Feedforward versus Feedback Control across Speech and Reaching Movements

Improved Occlusion Scenario Coverage with a POMDP-based Behavior Planner for Autonomous Urban Driving

Holistic LSTM for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction

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Vision for Prosthesis Control Using Unsupervised Labeling of Training Data

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Predicting City-Level Construction Cost Index Using Linear Forecasting Models

Social tipping processes for sustainability: An analytical framework

Optimal anticipatory control as a theory of motor preparation: A thalamo-cortical circuit model

Prediction of Stock Price using RNN’s LSTM-Based Deep Learning Model

Predictability and Prediction of Human Mobility Based on Application-Collected Location Data

Plan form changes of the Ganges-Jamuna confluence and its relation to flood

Indicative Biomarkers for Oral and Periodontal infections

Effectiveness of Moving Average Rules During COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Malaysian Stock Market

A Century of Contention in South Korea: The Evolution of Contentious Politics against Political Elites

If You Love the Environment, Why Don’t You Do Something to Save It? Bringing Culture into Environmental Analysis

Internal models of sensorimotor integration regulate cortical dynamics

Exploring how material cues drive sensorimotor prediction across different levels of autistic-like traits

The Role of Educators in Growing Leaders and Leadership Among School Students

Artificial neural networks in freight rate forecasting

Human Motion Prediction using Semi-adaptable Neural Networks

Effects of Past and Future Motor Events on Present Motor Stability, and Relationships with Motor and Cognitive Flexibility

Pedestrians Walking on Reachable Sets and Manifolds

Forecasting Exchange Rate

Stock Price Prediction Using LSTM on Indian Share Market

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Characterizing hippocampal replay using hybrid point process state space models

Global oxygen isoscapes for barnacle shells: Application for tracing movement in oceans.

Using chaotic maps for 3D boundary surveillance by quadrotor robot

A Robust Predictive Model for Stock Price Prediction Using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

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Role of the supplementary motor area during reproduction of supra-second time intervals: An intracerebral EEG study

Behavioral and oculomotor evidence for visual simulation of object movement

Modelling Bounded Stochastic Motion

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Investigation of the driver’s seat that displays future vehicle motion

Successful Auditory Motor Adaptation Requires Task-Relevant Auditory Errors.

The effect of macroeconomic determinants of the Chinese economy on the copper price movements

Fibonacci retracement pattern recognition for forecasting foreign exchange market

Long-run dynamics of exchange rates: A multi-frequency investigation

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Future Movement 미래 운동

Future Movement 미래 운동
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