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Variations in the Pickup Ion Density Structure in Response to the Growth of the Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability along the Heliopause

Estimation of the exposure of the TUS space-based cosmic ray observatory

The Ingenuity Helicopter on the Perseverance Rover

Evidence for widespread glaciation in Arcadia Planitia, Mars

Level 2 processor and auxiliary data for ESA Version 8 final full mission analysis of MIPAS measurements on ENVISAT

Photodetachment and Test-particle Simulation Constraints on Negative Ions in Solar System Plasmas

Evolution of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection Complexity: A Numerical Study through a Swarm of Simulated Spacecraft

Full scale active telescope engineering model

Dynamic tribo-pair of PS400 and DLC for planet Venus application

Effect of Microgravity Environment on Gut Microbiome and Angiogenesis

Autonomous Lunar Satellite Navigation System: Preliminary Performance Assessment on South Pole

The shape and surface environment of 2016 HO3

L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar: Current and future applications to Earth sciences

Aalto-1, multi-payload CubeSat: In-orbit results and lessons learned

A Review of NASA Human-Robot Interaction in Space

Parabolic deformable mirror testbed for the ExoSpec project

Isotropic x-ray bound on primordial black hole dark matter

Design of a dynamic mock-up bench for testing robotic interventions

Biologically-Based and Physiochemical Life Support and In Situ Resource Utilization for Exploration of the Solar System—Reviewing the Current State and Defining Future Development Needs

Robotic Exploration of an Unknown Nuclear Environment Using Radiation Informed Autonomous Navigation

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CubeSats and orbital debris

Space-Based Photometry of Binary Stars: From Voyager to TESS

The evolution of the PO.DAAC: Seasat to SWOT

The Impact of Spaceflight and Microgravity on the Human Islet-1+ Cardiovascular Progenitor Cell Transcriptome

Copernicus Sentinel–3B – GPS L2C tracking tests during commissioning phase

A Spitzer survey for dust-obscured supernovae

A Turbulent Heliosheath Driven by Rayleigh Taylor Instability

Phosphorus interactions with Martian soil simulants

A Comprehensive Approach to On-board Autonomy Verification and Validation

Composition variations of major lunar elements: Possible impacts on lunar albedo spectra

The velocity dispersion function of early-type galaxies and its redshift evolution: the newest results from lens redshift test

Evidence Supporting the Management of Medical Conditions During Long-Duration Spaceflight: Protocol for a Scoping Review

Rapid Response to Long Period Comets and Interstellar Objects using SmallSat Architecture

Bayesian analysis of Enceladus’s plume data to assess methanogenesis

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Capillary electrophoresis method for analysis of inorganic and organic anions related to habitability and the search for life

A Charge Management System for Gravitational Reference Sensors – Design and Instrument Testing

Integration of Advanced Structures and Materials Technologies for a Robust Lunar Habitat

Characterization of the Apollo Astronaut Lunar Extravehicular Activity Falls and Near-Falls

Update on Noma: systematic review on classification, outcomes and follow-up of patients undergoing reconstructive surgery after Noma disease

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Future Missions 미래의 임무

Future Missions 미래의 임무
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