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Future Intentions sentence examples within long term care

A Comparative Study on the Expectation of Active Seniors in Nursing Care between Japan and China

Future Intentions sentence examples within Predicting Future Intentions

Examining intentions to engage in sun protective behaviors among Latino day laborers: An application of the theory of planned behavior

A Survey on Motion Prediction of Pedestrians and Vehicles for Autonomous Driving

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Sleep-dependent prospective memory consolidation is impaired with aging

Rapid eye movement sleep mediates age-related decline in prospective memory consolidation.

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Future Intentions sentence examples within Positive Future Intentions

Willingness and Barriers to Voluntary Counselling and Testing Among Self-Perceived Healthy Adults in Tanzania

Sponsorship antecedents and outcomes in participant sport settings

Pre-service early childhood educators’ career motivations: moving from a thematic analysis to recognising the performative nature of talk and text

Intentions to participate in cervical and colorectal cancer screening during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods study

Applying the volunteer process model to predict future intentions for civic and political participation: same antecedents, different experiences?

Medication review, polypharmacy and deprescribing: Results of a pilot scoping exercise in undergraduate and postgraduate education

Future intentions and beliefs about roll-your-own cigarettes in adolescents

Irish and Turkish pre-service teachers understanding and perceptions of enterprise education

Effects of disclosing ads on Instagram: the moderating impact of similarity to the influencer

Sustainable Model: Recommendations for Water Conservation Strategies in a Developing Country Through a Psychosocial Wellness Program

Season ticket holder segmentation in professional sports: an application of the sports relationship marketing model

Oral Health Advocacy Education Impacts Future Engagement: Exploration at a Midwestern US Dental School

Trauma and cervical cancer screening among women experiencing homelessness: A call for trauma-informed care

Government policies and attitudes to social media use among users in Turkey: The role of awareness of policies, political involvement, online trust, and party identification

A Study of Incentives in Charitable Fundraising

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs): concepts and applications in pharmacogenomics

A qualitative exploration of contraceptive use and discontinuation among women with an unmet need for modern contraception in Kenya

Prospective memory impairment in neurological disorders: implications and management

Young drivers’ takeover time in a conditional automated vehicle: The effects of hand-held mobile phone use and future intentions to use automated vehicles

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Predicting the intentions of young drivers

Exposure to parental and sibling smoking and future intentions to smoke among 13-15 years old school age children in Saudi Arabia

Faecal immunochemical test for suspected colorectal cancer symptoms: patient survey of usability and acceptability.

The role of the brand in perceived service performance: Moderating effects and configurational approach in professional football

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Global Ideological Conflict

Prospektív emlékezet és traumás agysérülés: szakirodalmi áttekintés

A study identifying the origins of different types of drink driving events through the lens of deterrence: Is it alcohol abuse or avoiding detection?

Towards more environmentally sustainable diets? Changes in the consumption of beef and plant- and insect-based protein products in consumer groups in Finland.

Intentions to participate in cervical and colorectal cancer screening during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods study

Future Intention to disclose personal information via mobile apps

Disclosure of Self-Injurious Thoughts and Behaviors Across Sexual and Gender Identities

“It is the One Thing that has Worked”: facilitators and barriers to switching to nicotine salt pod system e-cigarettes among African American and Latinx people who smoke: a content analysis

Consumer satisfaction in performing arts: an empirical investigation into Romanian theatres

Consumers’ motivations and barriers concerning various sharing services

The Importance of Safety and Security Measures at Sharm El Sheikh Airport and Their Impact on Travel Decisions after Restarting Aviation during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Event-Based but Not Time-Based Prospective Memory Is Related to Oral Health in Late Adulthood

Models of Sports Management in Fitness Centres. Influence of Sex, Age and Sport Frequency. Linear Models vs. Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Intention-aware Sequential Recommendation with Structured Intent Transition

Are We Choosing Wisely? Older Adults’ Cancer Screening Intentions and Recalled Discussions with Physicians About Stopping

Hedging for Better Bets: Power Shifts, Credible Signals, and Preventive Conflict

Fertility intentions and the adoption of long-acting and permanent contraception (LAPM) among women: evidence from Western Kenya

Associations of Tobacco Advertising Appeal With Intentions to Use Alternative Tobacco Products Among Young Tobacco Users Experiencing Homelessness

The Greek Debt Crisis and Albanian Return Migration

Wellness and spa tourism: finding space for Indian Himalayan spa resorts

ICT Intentions and Digital Abilities of Future Labor Market Entrants in Finland

Parents’ intentions toward including their children with visual impairments in physical activities

Factors Influencing Dental Avoidance Behavior among Adolescents in India-Application of Contemplation Ladder

The Contribution of Design and Prototyping to Enhancing Organisational Growth, Management and Entrepreneurship

The relationship between factors that contribute to support and future intentions in relation to a major sporting event

What future awaits couples Living Apart Together (LAT)?

Exploring pre-service teachers’ future intentions to use technology through the use of comics

Sport volunteer service performance, image formation, and service encounters

Perfil del usuario de la fundación deportiva municipal de valencia y sus hábitos de práctica deportiva

Perceived value, satisfaction and future intentions in sport services

Investigating the effectiveness of school-based breastfeeding education on breastfeeding knowledge, attitudes and intentions of adolescent females.

China, NATO, and the Pitfall of Empty Engagement

Past behavior and the decision to text while driving among young adults

Uncertainty, Shifting Power and Credible Signals in US-China Relations: Why the “Thucydides Trap” Is Real, but Limited

Age, values, farming objectives, past management decisions, and future intentions in New Zealand agriculture.

What Will Russian Military Capabilities Look Like in the Future

Gender, Educational Attainment, and Farm Outcomes in New Zealand

“The best predictor of future behavior is…”: examining the impact of past police misconduct on the likelihood of future misconduct

Complex Patterns Across the Migration Process and Associated HIV Testing and Risk Behaviors among Latino Immigrants

Tobacco Use among Recovery Home Residents: Vapers Less Confident to Quit.

Evaluation of Extracurricular Sports Activities as an Educational Element for Sustainable Development in Educational Institutions

Destination food image, satisfaction and outcomes in a border context: tourists vs excursionists

Predicción de la lealtad de los usuarios de centros deportivos privados. Variables de gestión y bienestar subjetivo (Prediction of the loyalty of costumers of private sports centers. Management variables and subjective well-being)

Re-evaluating the assistant practitioner role in NHS England: Survey findings.

An investigation of how the adoption of event mobile applications influences satisfaction and post event behaviours of business event attendees

Influencia de la satisfacción y el valor percibido sobre el “Word of Mouth” en los usuarios de centros deportivos

The influence of stadium environment on attendance intentions in spectator sport: the moderating role of team loyalty

Examining the Youth Multi-Sport Event Environment: Implications towards athlete development and transitioning.

A potential barrier to adherence? Memory for future intentions is impaired in hemodialysis patients

Reflections on major sport event volunteer legacy research

Corporate Social Responsibility Among Travel and Tour Operators in Nepal

The role of passion in the quality-value-satisfaction-intentions chain: linear models and the QCA approach for athletes

Prospective memory in Parkinson’s disease: the role of the motor subtypes

Future Smoking Intentions at Critical Ages among Students in Two Chinese High Schools

Examining the efficacy of the GameSense gambling prevention programme among university undergraduate students

Perfil del usuario de centros deportivos privados, según género, edad y nivel de antigüedad

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