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NIR-responsive metal-containing polymer hydrogel for light-controlled microvalve

Photoinduced chitosan-PEG hydrogels with long-term antibacterial properties.

A Multi-Physics Simulation Approach to Predict Shape Morphing of Flexible Devices in Magnetic Field

Adhesive and tough hydrogels: from structural design to applications.

Facile preparation of agar/polyvinyl alcohol-based triple-network composite hydrogels with excellent mechanical performances

In silico-screened cationic dipeptides from scallop with synergistic gelation effect on ι-carrageenan.

Chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol/tannic acid multiple network composite hydrogel: preparation and characterization

Electrochemistry-Induced Improvements of Mechanical Strength, Self-Healing, and Interfacial Adhesion of Hydrogels.

Mussel-inspired adhesive antioxidant antibacterial hemostatic composite hydrogel wound dressing via photo-polymerization for infected skin wound healing

Dynamic bonds enable high toughness and multifunctionality in gelatin/tannic acid-based hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties.

Remote Spatiotemporal Control of a Magnetic and Electroconductive Hydrogel Network via Magnetic Fields for Soft Electronic Applications.

A tough, adhesive, self-healable, and antibacterial plant-inspired hydrogel based on pyrogallol-borax dynamic cross-linking.

Ultrafast in-situ forming halloysite nanotube-doped chitosan/oxidized dextran hydrogels for hemostasis and wound repair.

Application of Bioactive Hydrogels for Functional Treatment of Intrauterine Adhesion

Dual-faced borax mediated synthesis of self-healable hydrogels merging dynamic covalent bonding and micellization

Recent Advances in Design Strategies for Tough and Stretchable Hydrogels.

Polypyrrole-doped conductive self-healing multifunctional composite hydrogels with a dual crosslinked network.

Ultrafast gelation of multifunctional hydrogel/composite based on self-catalytic Fe3+/Tannic acid-cellulose nanofibers.

Ag(I)-thiolate coordination polymers: Synthesis, structures and applications as emerging sensory ensembles

Recent Advances on Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels Based on Tissue-Derived ECMs and Their Components: Towards Improving Functionality for Tissue Engineering and Controlled Drug Delivery

3D-printed antioxidant antibacterial carboxymethyl cellulose/ε-polylysine hydrogel promoted skin wound repair.

A mechanical, electrical dual autonomous self-healing multifunctional composite hydrogel

Highly Stretchable, Adhesive, Biocompatible, and Antibacterial Hydrogel Dressings for Wound Healing

Retraction: Development of functional hydrogels for heart failure.

Mussel-inspired double cross-linked hydrogels with desirable mechanical properties, strong tissue-adhesiveness, self-healing properties and antibacterial properties.

An initiating system with high efficiency for PEGDA photopolymerization at 532 nm

Functional hydrogels for diabetic wound management

Smart Actuators Based on External Stimulus Response

Mussel-inspired hydrogels as tough, self-adhesive and conductive bioelectronics: a review.

Highly stretchable gamma-irradiated poly (vinyl alcohol)/Tannic acid composite hydrogels with superior transparency and antibacterial activity

Short Review on Advances in Hydrogel-Based Drug Delivery Strategies for Cancer Immunotherapy.

A double-crosslinked self-healing antibacterial hydrogel with enhanced mechanical performance for wound treatment.

Nanoparticle-driven self-assembling injectable hydrogels provide a multi-factorial approach for chronic wound treatment.

An injectable and self-healing hydrogel with controlled release of curcumin to repair spinal cord injury

Stretchable multifunctional hydrogels for sensing electronics with effective EMI shielding properties.

Applications of Functionalized Hydrogels in the Regeneration of the Intervertebral Disc

Transfer Free Energies and Partitioning of Small Molecules in Collapsed PNIPAM Polymers.

Self-assembled injectable biomolecular hydrogels towards phototherapy.

Shape Morphing of Hydrogels in Alternating Magnetic Field.

Injectable and quadruple-functional hydrogel as an alternative to intravenous delivery for enhanced tumor targeting.

Novel self-healing hydrogels and their applications intissue engineering

A super-stretchable and tough functionalized boron nitride/PEDOT:PSS/poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogel with self-healing, adhesion, conductive and photothermal activity

Advances in Hydrogels in Organoids and Organs-on-a-Chip.

Mussel-Inspired Flexible, Wearable, and Self-Adhesive Conductive Hydrogels for Strain Sensors.

Self‐Healing and Injectable Hydrogel for Matching Skin Flap Regeneration

Functional Hydrogels for Next-Generation Batteries and Supercapacitors

Plasma Treatment of Polymer Powder as an Effective Tool to Functionalize Polymers: Case Study Application on an Amphiphilic Polyurethane

Valorisation of edible brown seaweeds by the recovery of bioactive compounds from aqueous phase using MHG to develop innovative hydrogels

Stretchable and Self-Healable Conductive Hydrogels for Wearable Multimodal Touch Sensors with Thermoresponsive Behavior.

Gelation and microstructural properties of protein hydrolysates from trypsin-treated male gonad of scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis) modified by κ-Carrageenan/K+

Equip the hydrogel with armor: strong and super tough biomass reinforced hydrogels with excellent conductivity and anti-bacterial performance

Tunable Methacrylated Hyaluronic Acid-based Hydrogels as Scaffolds for Soft Tissue Engineering Applications.

Robust and anti-fatigue hydrophobic association hydrogels assisted by titanium dioxide for photocatalytic activity.

Environment adaptive hydrogels for extreme conditions: a review

Development of Adhesive and Conductive Resilin-Based Hydrogels for Wearable Sensors.

Synthesis and Solution Self-Assembly of Poly(1,3-dioxolane)

Single component Pluronic F127-lipoic acid hydrogels with self-healing and multi-responsive properties

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