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Preclinical models of breast cancer: Two-way shuttles for immune checkpoint inhibitors from and to patient bedside.

Numerical optimisation of thermoset composites manufacturing processes: A review

Optimal operation of district heating networks through demand response

Fecundity Assessment of Stone Crabs in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Analyzing big datasets of genomic sequences: fast and scalable collection of k-mer statistics

Economic benefits of Smart Microgrids with penetration of DER and mCHP units for non-interconnected islands

Fault-Tolerant LED Lighting Systems Featuring Minimal Loss of Luminous Flux

Cross-Modal Attentional Context Learning for RGB-D Object Detection

Curvature ductility of biaxially loaded reinforced concrete short columns

Impact of Wide-Bandgap Technology on Renewable Energy and Smart-Grid Power Conversion Applications Including Storage

AIX: A high performance and energy efficient inference accelerator on FPGA for a DNN-based commercial speech recognition

The impact of web 2.0 on the marketing processes of restaurant businesses

Virtual Product Development Using Simulation Methods and AI

Development of a Walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) Cracker

Two tales of Annexin A2 knock-down: One of compensatory effects by antisense RNA and another of a highly active hairpin ribozyme.

Exploring the Performance Bound of Cambricon Accelerator in End-to-End Inference Scenario

Load Areas in Radial Unbalanced Distribution Systems

Accuracy assessment of different photogrammetric software for processing data from low-cost UAV platforms in forest conditions

The BondMachine toolkit: Enabling Machine Learning on FPGA

Advantages and shortcomings of cell-based electrical impedance measurements as a GPCR drug discovery tool.

Analysis of FOXO3 Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Human Longevity.

Highway Alignment Optimization: An Integrated BIM and GIS Approach

Reduced-scale experiments on the thermal performance of phase change material wallboard in different climate conditions

Autonomous Road Vehicles: Challenges for Urban Planning in European Cities

Improved process for the manufacturing of back contact integrated cooling channels for concentrator solar cells

Seismic design and performance of dual structures with BRBs and semi-rigid connections

Assembling a High-Productivity DSL for Computational Fluid Dynamics

A Wireless Head-Mountable Device With Tapered Optical Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode for Light Delivery in Deep Brain Regions

The Rise of Bioinspired Ionotronics

Enhancement of the Electrical and Thermal Performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs Using a Novel Resistive Field Plate Structure

Shaping and edge engineering of few-layered freestanding graphene sheets in transmission electron microscope.

Optical clumped isotope thermometry of carbon dioxide

A Brief Manifesto for Chemical Ingenuity and Insight in the Heart of Biology: A Time is Right for Sophistication not Simplification?

Mechanical Reinforcement of Free-Standing Polymeric Nanomembranes via Aluminosilicate Nanotube Scaffolding

A fully bio-based composite coating with mechanical robustness and dual superlyophobicity for efficient two-way oil/water separation.

NNLO QCD corrections to jet production in charged current deep inelastic scattering

Multiscale modeling and optimization of the mechanics of hierarchical metamaterials

Federated Learning in Distributed Medical Databases: Meta-Analysis of Large-Scale Subcortical Brain Data

China’s corridors-in-the-sky design and space-time congestion identification and the influence of air routes’ traffic flow

Exploring Allosteric Pathways of a V-Type Enzyme with Dynamical Perturbation Networks.

A systematic comparison of ectoine production from upgraded biogas using Methylomicrobium alcaliphilum and a mixed haloalkaliphilic consortium.

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Ideas and opportunities: Impact of technology knowledge through entrepreneurial alertness

Individualized lightweight structures for biomedical applications using additive manufacturing and carbon fiber patched composites

Effects of reduced ambient pressure on spattering during the laser beam welding of mild steel

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