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Non-modal Floquet stability of capsules in large-amplitude oscillatory extensional flow

Irregular dynamics of cellular blood flow in a model microvessel.

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Modelling and Dynamic Analysis of the Spiral Bevel Gear-Shaft-Bearing-Gearbox Coupling System

MCS based neutronics/thermal-hydraulics/fuel-performance coupling with CTF and FRAPCON

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A research based on advance dual-coil electromagnetic forming method on flanging of small-size tubes

3D full coupling model for strong interaction between a pulsating bubble and a movable sphere

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Experimental and Numerical Study on Water Filling and Air Expelling Process in a Pipe with Multiple Air Valves under Water Slow Filling Condition

Coupled aeropropulsive design optimisation of a boundary-layer ingestion propulsor

Phase Field Modeling of Chemomechanical Fracture of Intercalation Electrodes: Role of Charging Rate and Dimensionality.

Discontinuous plastic flow coupled with strain induced fcc–bcc phase transformation at extremely low temperatures

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An efficient segregated algorithm for two-dimensional incompressible fluid flow and heat transfer problems with unstructured grids

Two-level modeling of lithium-ion batteries

Modelling flow induced crystallization of IPP: Multiple crystal phases and morphologies

Impact of Local Effects on the Evolution of Unconventional Rock Permeability

Non-universal scaling transition of momentum cascade in wall turbulence

Numerical Simulation of Artificial Fracture Propagation in Shale Gas Reservoirs Based on FPS-Cohesive Finite Element Method

Lattice Boltzmann model with adjustable equation of state for coupled thermo-hydrodynamic flows

A CHT framework for the CFD analysis of the spray-wall thermal interaction in the dosing unit of SCR systems for diesel engines

CBR-based integration of a hydrodynamic and water quality model and GIS—a case study of Chaohu City

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Hybrid numerical approach to study the interaction of the rarefied gas flow in a microchannel with a cantilever

Numerical Modelling of Biomass Combustion on Moving Grates

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Full Coupling 풀 커플링

Full Coupling 풀 커플링
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