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Estimates of wildlife killed by free-ranging cats in China

Free-ranging domestic cat abundance and sterilization percentage following five years of a trap–neuter–return program

Toxoplasma gondii antibody prevalence and isolation in free-ranging cats in Okinawa, Japan

Detection of zoonotic Bartonella species in ticks and fleas parasitizing free-ranging cats and dogs residing in temples of Bangkok, Thailand.

Molecular Detection of Bartonella spp. and Hematological Evaluation in Domestic Cats and Dogs from Bangkok, Thailand

Domestic Cat Abundance and Activity Across a Residential Land Use Gradient

Spillover of West Caucasian Bat Lyssavirus (WCBV) in a Domestic Cat and Westward Expansion in the Palearctic Region

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Free Ranging Cats 방목 고양이

Free Ranging Cats 방목 고양이
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