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Targeted steel frames by means of innovative moment resisting connections

Effects of using different arrangements and types of viscous dampers on seismic performance of intermediate steel moment frames in comparison with different passive dampers

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Effect of Frequency Characteristics of Ground Motion on Response of Tuned Mass Damper Controlled Inelastic Concrete Frame

An improvement of direct displacement-based design approach for steel moment-resisting frames controlled by fluid viscous dampers

Finite element parametric study on the cyclic response of steel frames equipped with comb-teeth dampers

Three-mass Structural-isolating-damping Model Subjected to Near- and Far-fault Earthquakes

Toward a general frame semantics for modal many-valued logics

Analytical Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frames Equipped with TADAS Dampers

Life-cycle cost evaluation of steel structures retrofitted with steel slit damper and shape memory alloy–based hybrid damper

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Frames Equipped 프레임 장착

Frames Equipped 프레임 장착
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