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Direct synthesis approach to design fractional PID controller for SISO and MIMO systems based on Smith predictor structure applied for time-delay non integer-order models

Fractional order PID controller for the stabilisation of chaotic systems using Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model

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Identification and control design for a class of non-minimum phase dead-time systems based on fractional-order Smith predictor and genetic algorithm technique

Estimation of stability regions of fractional PI controller for LFC of power system


PSO technique applied to sensorless field-oriented control PMSM drive with discretized RL-fractional integral

Experimental Studies of the Fractional PID and TID Controllers for Industrial Process

Generic Noninteger Order Controller for Time-Delay Systems

Stability Regions of Fractional First Order Controllers Applied to Fractional Order Delay Systems

Design and Analysis of Complex Fractional-order PID Controllers

Design of Robust Fractional Controller for Unstable Linear Systems Based on Phase Shaper Method

Stable Zones of Fractional Based Controller for Two-Area System Having Communication Delay

Control and Robust Stabilization at Unstable Equilibrium by Fractional Controller for Magnetic Levitation Systems

On selection of improved fractional model and control of different systems with experimental validation

Fractional Controller for Thin Plate Surface Temperature Control

Modelling and control of dual input boost converter with voltage multiplier cell

Devising a procedure for the synthesis of electromechanical systems with cascade-enabled fractional-order controllers and their study

Fractional order PID control of steam generator water level for nuclear steam supply systems

Impact of Oustaloup and Matsuda Approximations on Fractional PID Controller of PV Panel

Design of Multi Model Fractional Controllers for Nonlinear Systems: An Experimental Investigation

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Fractional Controller 분수 컨트롤러

Fractional Controller 분수 컨트롤러
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