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Application of Intelligent Fuzzy PID Controller optimized by ALO Algorithm in AGC

Load frequency control of autonomous power system using adaptive fuzzy based PID controller optimized on improved sine cosine algorithm

Granular fuzzy PID controller

Improved-GWO designed FO based type-II fuzzy controller for frequency awareness of an AC microgrid under plug in electric vehicle

Fuzzy-PID controller with variable universe for tillage depth control on tractor-implement

Lyapunov–Krasovskii based FPID controller for LFC in a time-delayed micro-grid system with fuel cell power units

Congestion Avoidance and Control in Internet Router Based on Fuzzy AQM

Combined fuzzy PID regulator for frequency regulation of smart grid and conventional power systems

Salp Swarm Algorithm tuned control scheme for mitigating frequency deviations in hybrid power system and comparative analysis

Enhancement performance of hydraulic actuators using PSO with FOPID controller

Differential Evolution based Intelligent Control Approach for LFC of Multiarea Power System with Communication Time Delays

Deregulated LFC scheme using equilibrium optimized Type-2 fuzzy controller

Application of a simplified Grey Wolf optimization technique for adaptive fuzzy PID controller design for frequency regulation of a distributed power generation system

Design of optimal fractional order fuzzy PID controller based on cuckoo search algorithm for core power control in molten salt reactors

Adaptive type-2 fuzzy PID controller for LFC in AC microgrid

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Frequency Regulation of Hybrid Distributed Power Systems Integrated with Renewable Sources by Optimized Type-2 Fuzzy PID Controller

Fast and Precise Control for the Vibration Amplitude of an Ultrasonic Transducer Based on Fuzzy PID Control

A Novel Intrusion Mitigation Unit for Interconnected Power Systems in Frequency Regulation to Enhance Cybersecurity

Enhancing the performance of a deregulated nonlinear integrated power system utilizing a redox flow battery with a self-tuning fractional-order fuzzy controller.

Comparative analysis of PID and fractional order PID controllers in automatic generation control process with coordinated control of TCSC

Combined fuzzy PID regulator for frequency regulation of smart grid and conventional power systems

Tuning of Novel Fractional Order Fuzzy PID Controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm

Application of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID Controller for Frequency Regulation of AC Islanded Microgrid Using Modified Equilibrium Optimization Algorithm

Design of Interval Type-2 Fractional-Order Fuzzy Logic Controller for Redundant Robot with Artificial Bee Colony

Efficient control of a 3-link planar rigid manipulator using self-regulated fractional-order fuzzy PID controller

ARX/ARMAX Modeling and Fractional Order Control of Surface Roughness in Turning Nano-Composites

Design of (FPID) controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator using Differential Evolution Algorithm

Design and simulation of self-tuning fractional order fuzzy PID controller for robotic manipulator

WOA-based Interval Type II Fuzzy Fractional-order Controller Design for a Two-Link Robot Arm

Application of modified sine cosine algorithm to optimally design PID/fuzzy-PID controllers to deal with AGC issues in deregulated power system

A particle swarm optimization, fuzzy PID controller with generator automatic voltage regulator

Design of an interval type-2 fractional order fuzzy controller for a tractor active suspension system

Q-Learning Based Supervisory PID Controller for Damping Frequency Oscillations in a Hybrid Mini/Micro-Grid

Adaptive Fuzzy PID Control Strategy for Spacecraft Attitude Control

Fuzzy Controller for Laboratory Levitation System: Real-time Experiments Using Programmable Logic Controller

Fractional-order self-tuned fuzzy PID controller for three-link robotic manipulator system

Ride Comfort Improvement of a Semi-active Vehicle Suspension Based on Hybrid Fuzzy and Fuzzy-PID Controller

Fuzzy PID Motion Control Based on Extended State Observer for AUV

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Fpid Controller Fpid 컨트롤러

Fpid Controller Fpid 컨트롤러
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