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Foundation Model sentence examples within two parameter elastic

Cutting force modeling in orthogonal cutting of UD-CFRP considering the variable thickness of uncut material

A Refined Model for Analysis of Beams on Two-Parameter Foundations by Iterative Method

Foundation Model sentence examples within finite element software

Research on safety performance of jacking tower under uneven settlement

Study on Seepage Characteristics of Composite Bucket Foundation Under Eccentric Load

Foundation Model sentence examples within Elastic Foundation Model

Timber-to-timber and steel-to-timber screw connections: Derivation of the slip modulus via beam on elastic foundation model

The Environmental Effects Induced by a Metro Shield Tunnel Side-Crossing on Adjacent Pile Foundations and Its Impact Partition

Foundation Model sentence examples within Pasternak Foundation Model

Energy-based dynamic parameter identification for Pasternak foundation model

Contact problem between a rigid punch and a functionally graded orthotropic layer resting on a Pasternak foundation

Foundation Model sentence examples within Winkler Foundation Model

Recommendations for determining nonlinear Winkler spring parameters for buried steel pipe stress analysis applications

Analysis of tunnel face stability with advanced pipes support

Foundation Model sentence examples within Viscoelastic Foundation Model

The Scheme to Determine the Convergence Term of the Galerkin Method for Dynamic Analysis of Sandwich Plates on Nonlinear Foundations

Deformation response of roof in solid backfilling coal mining based on viscoelastic properties of waste gangue

Foundation Model sentence examples within Spring Foundation Model


Dynamic soil structure interaction model for beams on viscoelastic foundations subjected to oscillatory and moving loads

Foundation Model sentence examples within Parameter Foundation Model

Natural frequency calculation of reinforced earth retaining wall considering wall–soil interaction

Time-domain analyses for pile deformation induced by adjacent excavation considering influences of viscoelastic mechanism

Foundation Model sentence examples within Linear Foundation Model

A new expression to predict secant rotational stiffness of spudcan in undrained soils

Size-dependent forced vibration of non-uniform bi-directional functionally graded beams embedded in variable elastic environment carrying a moving harmonic mass

Foundation Model sentence examples within Simplified Foundation Model

An Energy-Equivalent Simplified Model for Lateral Nonlinear Vibrations of Coupled Water Turbine Generator Set Shaft-Foundation System

New approach for the assessment of train/track/foundation dynamics using in-situ measurements of high-speed train induced vibrations

Foundation Model sentence examples within Raft Foundation Model

3D Numerical Analyses for Optimization of Deep-Mixing Columns Combined by Raft Foundations

Experimental Investigation for Effects of Mini-piles on the Structural Response of Raft Foundations

Foundation Model sentence examples within Two Foundation Model

The role of kinematic interaction on measured seismic response of soil-foundation-structure systems

Analysis of Rectangular Plates on Resting Winkler and Two-Parameter Elastic Foundation Models by Finite Difference Method

Foundation Model sentence examples within Hybrid Foundation Model

Seismic response of a novel hybrid foundation for offshore wind turbine by geotechnical centrifuge modeling

Seismic response of offshore wind turbine with hybrid monopile foundation based on centrifuge modelling

Foundation Model sentence examples within Shallow Foundation Model

Assessment of glass fiber-reinforced polyester pipe powder in soil improvement

Methods of calculating the belt foundation on the elastic ground base of winkler type

Foundation Model sentence examples within Type Foundation Model

Frequency control of cross-ply magnetostrictive viscoelastic plates resting on Kerr-type elastic medium

Thermal buckling analysis of embedded graphene-oxide powder-reinforced nanocomposite plates

Foundation Model sentence examples within Different Foundation Model

Mathematical Modeling of Vibration Dampers of Vibration-Insulated Structures

Effect of foundation type and modelling on dynamic response and fatigue of offshore wind turbines

Seismic response of end-bearing fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) piles in cohesionless soils

Dynamic analysis of onshore wind turbines including soil–structure interaction

Remapping the foundations of morality: Well-fitting structural model of the Moral Foundations Questionnaire

Undrained bearing capacity of spudcan in soft-over-stiff clay after penetration

Experimental and numerical study for the optimization of bottom of foundation shapes on soft soils

Nonlinear flexibility-based beam element on Winkler-Pasternak foundation

Friction Force During Lubricated Steady Sliding of a Rigid Cylinder on a Viscoelastic Substrate

Yield interaction model of jack-up considering nonlinear load-displacement relationship before yield

A state-dependent non-coaxial model of sand using a modified vertex theory and its FEM application

Sway-Rocking Spring System Applicable to Short-Rigid Monopile Foundations

Dynamic response of polyurea coated thin steel storage tank to long duration blast loadings

Matching Biomedical Ontologies: Construction of Matching Clues and Systematic Evaluation of Different Combinations of Matchers

Uplift Bearing Capacity of Transmission Tower Foundation in Reinforced Aeolian Sand Using Simplified Model Tests

Predicting Maximum Crest Settlement of Concrete Face Rockfill Dams Using a New Ensemble Learning Model

Development of Integrated 3-Dimensional Computer Graphics Human Head Model.

Ανάλυση ελαστικά εδραζόμενων δοκών με τη μέθοδο των πεπερασμένων στοιχείων

Experimental study on scour around a composite bucket foundation due to waves and current

Effect of foundation models on seismic response of arch dams

Fatigue sensitivity to foundation modelling in different operational states for the DTU 10MW monopile-based offshore wind turbine

Numerical simulation of bridge piers with spread footings under earthquake excitation

More Foundation Model 기초 모델 sentence examples

Finite element steady state solution of a beam on a frictionally damped foundation under a moving load

Study on Spudcan Soil-Structure Interaction of a Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

The use of digital-image correlation to investigate the cohesive zone in a double-cantilever beam, with comparisons to numerical and analytical models

Nonlinear thermal vibration and dynamic buckling of eccentrically stiffened sandwich-FGM cylindrical shells containing fluid

Gender and Other Factors That Influence Tourism Preferences

More Foundation Model 기초 모델 sentence examples

Calculation of foundation vertical stiffness with the piles mutual influence effect

More Foundation Model 기초 모델 sentence examples

Parametric Pushover Analysis on Elevated RC Pile-Cap Foundations for Bridges in Cohesionless Soils

Multiple Videos Captioning Model for Video Storytelling

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