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Effect of Ultrasonication on Membrane Structure and Flux Recovery for Whey Ultrafiltration

Comparison of ozonation and UV based oxidation as pre-treatment process for ultrafiltration in wastewater reuse: Simultaneous water risks reduction and membrane fouling mitigation.

Insight into fouling potential analysis of a pilot-scale pressure-assisted forward osmosis plant for diluted seawater reverse osmosis desalination

Roles of a mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic interface in the regulation of nanofiltration membrane fouling in oily produced wastewater treatment: Performance and interfacial thermodynamic mechanisms

Silica Removal from a Paper Mill Effluent by Adsorption on Pseudoboehmite and γ-Al2O3

Effect of Initial Water Flux on the Performance of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor: Constant Flux Mode versus Varying Flux Mode

Interdependence of Contributing Factors Governing Dead-End Fouling of Nanofiltration Membranes

Effects of seasonal biofouling on diffusion coefficients through filter membranes with different hydrophilicities in natural waters.

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Evaluating an on-line cleaning agent for mitigating organic fouling in a reverse osmosis membrane.

Sustainable recovery of high-saline papermaking wastewater: Optimized separation for salts and organics via membrane-hybrid process

Role of different dimensional carbon nanoparticles in catalytic oxidation of organic pollutants and alleviating membrane fouling during ultrafiltration of surface water

Systematic evaluation of TiO2-GO-modified ceramic membranes for water treatment: Retention properties and fouling mechanisms

Membrane defouling using microbubbles generated by fluidic oscillation

Characterization and mitigation of the fouling of flat-sheet ceramic membranes for direct filtration of the coagulated domestic wastewater.

3D printed spacers based on TPMS architectures for scaling control in membrane distillation

Pre-treatment of wastewater retentate to mitigate fouling on the pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) process

Anti-Fouling Electroconductive Forward Osmosis Membranes: Electrochemical and Chemical Properties

Isolation and characterization of Sphingomonadaceae from fouled membranes

Insight into the distribution of metallic elements in membrane bioreactor: Influence of operational temperature and role of extracellular polymeric substances.

Treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate using an algal-based MBR combined with ozone pretreatment.

Mitigating membrane fouling with sinusoidal spacers

Iron and manganese removal in direct anoxic nanofiltration for indirect potable reuse

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Ultraviolet/persulfate (UV/PS) pretreatment of typical natural organic matter (NOM): Variation of characteristics and control of membrane fouling.

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Direct filtration for the treatment of the coagulated domestic sewage using flat-sheet ceramic membranes.

Application of membrane distillation to anaerobic digestion effluent treatment: Identifying culprits of membrane fouling and scaling.

A novel layer-by-layer heterogeneous cation exchange membrane for heavy metal ions removal from water.

Efficient preparation of a novel PVDF antifouling membrane based on the solvent-responsive cleaning properties

Comparison of membrane distillation and high-temperature nanofiltration processes for treatment of silica-saturated water

A review on the applications of ultrasonic technology in membrane bioreactors.

Macrofiltration-A leap towards high efficiency microalgal harvesting: A case study using Scenedesmus acuminatus

Biofouling Detection on Reverse Osmosis Membranes

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Fouled Membranes 오염된 막

Fouled Membranes 오염된 막
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