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Comparing Theories with the Ising Model of Explanatory Coherence

Customizing Europe: Four Member States Compared

Formal Theory sentence examples within formal theory exist

Entropy, Statistical Thermodynamics and Stochastic Processes

Understanding the autonomy-meaningful work relationship in nursing: A theoretical framework.

Network structure and performance of crony capitalism systems credible commitments without democratic institutions

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Relationship between Judicial and Legislative Power in the Context of Criminal Policy

Effects of the repulsive and attractive forces on phase equilibrium and critical properties of two-dimensional non-conformal simple fluids

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On the vector conformal models in an arbitrary dimension

Why change your beliefs rather than your desires? Two puzzles

∞-Groupoid Generated by an Arbitrary Topological λ-Model

Realist evaluation of Schwartz rounds® for enhancing the delivery of compassionate healthcare: understanding how they work, for whom, and in what contexts

CRediT where Credit is Due: A Comment on Leising et al. (2021)

Nonlocal non-Abelian gauge theory: Conformal invariance and β -function

Language Family Engineering with Product Lines of Multi-level Models

Hilbert arithmetic as a Pythagorean arithmetic: arithmetic as transcendental

Deformations of surface defect moduli spaces

The Less Said The Better: Dewey, Neurath, and Mid-Century Theories of Truth

TVA in the wild: Applying the theory of visual attention to game-like and less controlled experiments


The time course of salience: not entirely caused by salience.

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Emergence and algorithmic information dynamics of systems and observers

Students’ errors in L1 Spanish grammar from the perspective of formal linguistics

Software Security Requirement Engineering for Risk and Compliance Management

Against Desk Rejects!

On Something Like an Operational Virtuality

Direct spectra of Bishop spaces and their limits

Value Contribution of Rural E-commerce Development: Model Constructing and Empirical Testing

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Integrative mind-body practices: concept proposal for the field of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.

Scale-fixed predictions for γ + ηc production in electron-positron collisions at NNLO in perturbative QCD

Critical behaviour of hydrodynamic series

Mereological Destruction and Relativized Parthood: A Reply to Costa and Calosi

Efficient conformal parameterization of multiply-connected surfaces using quasi-conformal theory

Dynamics of Meaning

Disbanding the Old Boys’ Club: Strategies for Departmental Gender Equity

Three-point functions of higher-spin spinor current multiplets in $$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 1 superconformal theory

A Novel Passive Circuit Emulator for a Current-Controlled Memristor

Focusing Sensor Design for Open Electrical Impedance Tomography Based on Shape Conformal Transformation †

In memory of Murray Gell-Mann

Holographic approach to entanglement entropy in disordered systems

Moving beyond methodising theory in preparing for the profession

Soul and Machine (Learning)

Universality and Exact Finite-Size Corrections for Spanning Trees on Cobweb and Fan Networks

The polysemy of ‘part’

Supersymmetric Liouville theory in AdS$_2$ and AdS/CFT

SCFT/VOA correspondence via Ω-deformation

Truth and Generalized Quantification*

Broadening the Idea of the Theory of Science Beyond Analytics

Complexity Theory: An Overview with Potential Applications for the Social Sciences

Landscape of Simple Superconformal Field Theories in 4D.

A Formal Model for Semantic Computing Based on Generalized Probabilistic Automata

Modeling Psychopathology: From Data Models to Formal Theories

The QCD renormalization group equation and the elimination of fixed-order scheme-and-scale ambiguities using the principle of maximum conformality

Notes from the Editors

Introduction: Unbound Morphogenesis in a Closed World

Comment on “Astrophysical gravitational waves in conformal gravity”

Weyl Anomaly and Vacuum Magnetization Current of M5-brane in Background Flux

Archetypes are a Poor Primitive for a Theory of Mental Representations

Introduction: absorbing the four methodological disruptions in democratization research?

Plea Bargaining and the Miscarriage of Justice

Velocity bias and the nonlinear perturbation theory of peaks

A Method for Weak Pulsar Signal Detection Combining the Bispectrum and a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

A formal model of semantic computing

Classical tests on a charged Weyl black hole: bending of light, Shapiro delay and Sagnac effect

Matter dependence of the four-loop QCD cusp anomalous dimension: from small angles to all angles

The Life Cycle of Employee Engagement Theory in HRD Research

Credible Underwriting and Reputation: Non-Contradiction of Higher IPO Underpricing

Mappism: formalizing classical and artificial life views on mind and consciousness

Lógica del derecho, método axiomático y garantismo

Title : More than planetary-scale feedback self-regulation : A Biological-centred approach to the Gaia Hypothesis

Helping One’s Neighbor: Teaching and Learning Prosocial Behavior in a Religious Community

A theory of structured experience

In the Body’s Eye: The Computational Anatomy of Interoceptive Inference

On the Graded Acceptability of Arguments in Abstract and Instantiated Argumentation

The Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity and Electromagnetism Revisited

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