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Mixed Regional Shifts in Conifer Productivity under 21st-Century Climate Projections in Canada’s Northeastern Boreal Forest

Managing mixed stands can mitigate severe climate change impacts on French alpine forests

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Abiotic and biotic determinants of height growth of Picea abies regeneration in small forest gaps in the Swiss Alps

Tree Mortality and Regeneration in Euphrates Poplar Riparian Forests Along the Tarim River, Northwest China

Plasticity of Leaf Traits of Juglans regia L. f. luodianense Liu et Xu Seedlings Under Different Light Conditions in Karst Habitats

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A systematic evaluation of gap size and within-gap position effects on seedling regeneration in a temperate secondary forest, Northeast China

Photosynthetic Physiological Characteristics of Tetracentron sinense Oliv in Different DBH Classes and the Factors Restricting Regeneration

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Small-scale habitat use of Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus broods in the Black Forest, Germany

Microclimatic Effects of a Perched Peatland Forest Gap

The importance of small natural features in forests—How the overgrowth of forest gaps affects indigenous flower supply and flower‐visiting insects and seed sets of six Campanula species

Post-dispersal seed predation in Patagonia temperate forest depends on habitat patchiness and seed species

Plantations on Forest Gaps and Edges Disturbs the Ecology of Threatened Understory Flora: A Case of Critically Endangered Gentiana Kurroo

Influence of Environmental Factors on Forest Understorey Species in Northern Mexico

The effects of stump size and within-gap position on sprout non-structural carbohydrates concentrations and regeneration in forest gaps vary among species with different shade tolerances

Tree mortality and regeneration of Euphrates poplar riparian forests along the Tarim River, Northwest China

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Regeneration and succession: A 50-year gap dynamic in temperate secondary forests, Northeast China

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Shed light in the dark – How do natural canopy gaps influence temperate bat diversity and activity?

Beyond forest succession: A gap model to study ecosystem functioning and tree community composition under climate change

Response of plant diversity and soil physicochemical properties to different gap sizes in a Pinus massoniana plantation

Intraspecific allometries reveal hyper‐slender stems in forest gaps and the impact on tree growth from insect herbivores

Tracking the rates and mechanisms of canopy damage and recovery following Hurricane Maria using multitemporal lidar data

Frequency-Dependent Seedling Predation by Rodents: Growth and Survival of Quercus Wutaishanica in Two Habitats

Effect of Gap Size And Elevation On The Regeneration And Coexistence of Three Tree Species In A Subalpine Coniferous Forest

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Forest gaps mediate the structure and function of the soil microbial community in a Castanopsis kawakamii forest

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How evergreen and deciduous trees coexist during secondary forest succession: Insights into forest restoration mechanisms in Chinese subtropical forest

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Spatial patterns of living and dead small trees in subalpine Norway spruce forest reserves in Switzerland

Changes in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry in decaying logs with gap positions in a subalpine forest

The Effect of Low Irradiance on Leaf Nitrogen Allocation and Mesophyll Conductance to CO2 in Seedlings of Four Tree Species in Subtropical China

Traits explain invasion of alien plants into tropical rainforests

Effects of Small Gaps on the Relationship Among Soil Properties, Topography, and Plant Species in Subtropical Rhododendron Secondary Forest, Southwest China

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Drivers of forest regeneration patterns in drought prone mixed-species forests in the Northern Calcareous Alps

Effect of Microenvironment on Species Distribution Patterns in the Regeneration Layer of Forest Gaps and Non-Gaps in a Subtropical Natural Forest, China

Forest and population structure and regeneration dynamics of relict Dipentodon sinicus in southwestern China

Small Scale Rainfall Partitioning in a European Beech Forest Ecosystem Reveals Heterogeneity of Leaf Area Index and Its Connectivity to Hydro-and Atmosphere

Comparing pitfall trapping and suction sampling data collection for ground-dwelling spiders in artificial forest gaps

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Gap dynamics of natural Populus euphratica floodplain forests affected by hydrological alteration along the Tarim River: Implications for restoration of the riparian forests

Management of ecosystems alters vector dynamics and haemosporidian infections

Response of Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters of Castanopsis kawakamii Seedlings to Forest Gaps

Early natural regeneration patterns of woody species within gaps in a temperate secondary forest

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Influence of body size, topography, food availability and tree-fall gaps on space use by yellow-footed tortoises (Chelonoidis denticulatus) in Central Amazonia

Forest Gap Size Alters the Functional Diversity of Soil Nematode Communities in Alpine Forest Ecosystems


Forest gaps retard carbon and nutrient release from twig litter in alpine forest ecosystems

Seed germination niche across habitats: an introduction to this special issue

Characteristics of vegetation succession on the Pinus thunbergii forests in warm temperate regions, Jeju Island, South Korea

How forest gaps shaped plant diversity along an elevational gradient in Wolong National Nature Reserve?

Bryophytes in fir waves: Forest canopy indicator species and functional diversity decline in canopy gaps

Canopy Temperature Differences between Liana-Infested and Non-Liana Infested Areas in a Neotropical Dry Forest

Seed germination ecology of Alexandra palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) and its implication on invasiveness

Size-Dependent Patterns of Seed Rain in Gaps in Temperate Secondary Forests, Northeast China

Spatial patterns in soil organic matter dynamics are shaped by mycorrhizosphere interactions in a treeline forest

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Forest gap size can efficiently promote litter decomposition and nutrient release in south-western China

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