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Global Warming and Carbon Sequestration in Africa’s Forests: Potential Rewards for New Policy Directions in the Congo Basin

Caracterização dos planos de manejo florestal no estado do Piauí

State of Forest Governance in Vietnam: Where Are the Local Communities?

Site Index and Volume Growth Percentage Determination for Privately Owned Uneven-aged Stands of Quercus pubescens and Quercus ilex along the Croatian Adriatic Coast

Water Price Calculations in Concept Of Environmental Service: A Case in Cimanuk Watershed

Incentives for collaborative governance of natural resources: A case study of forest management in southwest Nigeria

Application of fuzzy and classical Multi-Criteria Decision-Making methods in assessing the forest area preservation level of Romania’s counties

Trade-offs between food security and forest exploitation by mestizo households in Ucayali, Peruvian Amazon

Beyond species richness and biomass: Impact of selective logging and silvicultural treatments on the functional composition of a neotropical forest

Practices of forest exploitation in priority investment projects: Benefits and implications

Лісова політика у міждисциплінарному науковому контексті: тренди та перспективи розвитку

The Long-Term Effects of Land Use and Climate Changes on the Hydro-Morphology of the Reno River Catchment (Northern Italy)

The perception of forests by the Czech Republic general public

De pinos y motosierras: revisión crítica al aprovechamiento forestal comunal en San Jerónimo Coatlán, Oaxaca

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Forest Exploitation 산림 착취

Forest Exploitation 산림 착취
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