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Force Values sentence examples within Shear Force Values

Quality traits and fatty acid composition in meat of Hair Goat and Saanen  ×  Hair Goat (G1) crossbred kids fattened in different systems

Effect of low voltage electrical stimulation and chilling on microbial safety and quality attributes of Beetal Bucks and Lohi Rams carcass

Force Values sentence examples within Cutting Force Values

Influence of Horse Age, Marinating Substances, and Frozen Storage on Horse Meat Quality

Experimental investigation of microtextured cutting tool performance in titanium alloy via turning

Force Values sentence examples within Peak Force Values

Use of an isometric mid-thigh pull test during musculoskeletal rehabilitation: can the criterion values from the updated British Army physical employment standards be used to inform UK Defence Rehabilitation practice?

Utility of an Isometric Midthigh Pull Test to Assess Lower Body Muscular Strength in Professional Netball Players.

Force Values sentence examples within Measured Force Values

Manufacturing a First Upper Molar Dental Forceps Using Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) Additive Manufacturing Technology with Carbon-Reinforced Polyamide

Development of a sensor device for measurement of forces in cranial remodeling orthoses

Force Values sentence examples within Retention Force Values

Retention Forces of Monolithic CAD/CAM Crowns Adhesively Cemented to Titanium Base Abutments—Effect of Saliva Contamination Followed by Cleaning of the Titanium Bond Surface

Parameters Affecting the Retention Force of CAD/CAM Telescopic Crowns: A Focused Review of In Vitro Studies

Force Values sentence examples within Maximum Force Values

Force production during maximal front crawl tethered swimming: exploring bilateral asymmetries and differences between breathing and non-breathing conditions.

Comparison of plantar loading patterns on natural grass and artificial turf during various athletic activities.

Force Values sentence examples within Lower Force Values

Comparative Study of Validity and Reliability of Two Handgrip Dynamometers: K-Force Grip and Jamar

Clinically inapparent right heart dysfunction is associated with reduced myofilament force development in coronary artery disease

Force Values sentence examples within Contact Force Values

Effects of Increased Catheter Contact Force on the Ablation Impedance in the Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias

A Soft Robotic Sleeve for Safer Colonoscopy Procedures

Force Values sentence examples within Ejection Force Values

Study of rheological and tableting properties of lubricated mixtures of co-processed dry binders for orally disintegrating tablets.

Comparison of Flow and Compression Properties of Four Lactose-Based Co-Processed Excipients: Cellactose® 80, CombiLac®, MicroceLac® 100, and StarLac®

Force Values sentence examples within Muscle Force Values

A Biomechanical Analysis of Muscle Force Changes After Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy

A Dynamic Evaluation Mechanism of Human Upper Limb Muscle Forces

Force Values sentence examples within Friction Force Values

Development of a floating liner test rig and lubrication model for the study of the piston compression ring friction force under fully flooded and starved lubrication

Generalized collisional fluid theory for multi-component, multi-temperature plasma using the linearized Boltzmann collision operator for scrape-off layer/edge applications

Force Values sentence examples within force values increased

A comparative experimental study on the impact strength of standard and asymmetric involute spur gears

Milling Inconel 718 workpiece with cryogenically treated and untreated cutting tools

Force Values sentence examples within force values obtained

A meso-mechanical study of the effect of straight shank hole in FML plates subjected to tensile loading

Active control of blankholder in sheet metal stamping

Force Values sentence examples within force values varied

Fracture resistance of CAD-CAM all-ceramic surveyed crowns with different occlusal rest seat designs

Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Test of Ovine Corneal Tissue Cutting Process in Cataract Surgery Operation

Force Values sentence examples within force values previously

Simulating manual manipulation of small optical fibers within flexible ureteroscopes for potential application in thulium fiber laser lithotripsy

Simulations and testing of the mechanical properties of small core optical fibers for ureteroscopy

Force Values sentence examples within force values increase

Analysis of the Erosivity of High-Pressure Pulsating Water Jets Produced in the Self-Excited Drill Head

Investigation of the stress-strain state and microstructure transformation of copper busbars in the deformation zone during continuous extrusion

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Investigation into the automatic drilling of cortical bones using ANFIS-PSO and sensitivity analysis

Comparative evaluation of mechanical properties and shaping performance of heat-treated nickel titanium rotary instruments used in the single-length technique.

More Force Values 힘 값 sentence examples

Experimental Studies of the Process of Tightening an Asymmetric Multi-Bolted Connection

More Force Values 힘 값 sentence examples

Postural organization and inter-limb coordination are altered after stroke when an isometric maximum bilateral pushing effort of the upper limbs is performed.

Stress at Work: Can the Spiritual Dimension Reduce It? An Approach From the Banking Sector

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Calculation of sealing pressures of shut-off valves

Pull-off resistance of a screwless implant-abutment connection and surface evaluation after cyclic loading

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