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Force Chain sentence examples within Contact Force Chain

Two-Dimensional Numerical Model for Stability Analysis of Tunnel Face Based on Particle Flow Code

3D DEM simulation of initial anisotropy in dredger fill soft soil

Force Chain sentence examples within Strong Force Chain

Particle breakage and micromechanical characteristics of calcareous sand during shearing

Comparison of roller-spreading and blade-spreading processes in powder-bed additive manufacturing by DEM simulations

Force Chain sentence examples within Skeleton Force Chain

Deformation superposition effect of asphalt mixture based on experiments and micromechanical modeling

Deformation Superposition Effect of Asphalt Mixture Based on Experiments and Micromechanical Modeling

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Force Chain sentence examples within Individual Force Chain

Photoelastic study of dense granular free-surface flows.

Photoelastic study of dense granular free-surface flows.

Force Chain sentence examples within Form Force Chain

Towards realistic simulations of the impact dynamics of boulders on rock-filled gabion: Combined effects of rock shapes and their crushing strength

Strength of Strained Two‐Phase Mixtures: Application to Rapid Creep and Stress Amplification in Subduction Zone Mélange

Force Chain sentence examples within Mesoscale Force Chain

Structural formation and evolution mechanisms of fracture plugging zone

Impact of friction coefficient on the mesoscale structure evolution under shearing of granular plugging zone

Force Chain sentence examples within force chain network

Research on the variation of resistance of granular system with different sizes under compressive stress

Numerical and experimental investigations of the effect of temperature and moisture on the repose angle of railway ballast

Force Chain sentence examples within force chain distribution

Modelling realistic ballast shape to study the lateral pull behaviour using GPU computing

DEM analysis of the plugging effect of open-ended pile during the installation process

Force Chain sentence examples within force chain characteristic

Force chain characteristics of dense particles sheared between parallel-plate friction system

Investigation of the flow and force chain characteristics of metal powder in high-velocity compaction based on a discrete element method

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Asphalt-Mixture Force Chains Length Distribution and Skeleton Composition Investigation Based on Computational Granular Mechanics

Macro and micro analysis on coal-bearing soil slopes instability based on CFD-DEM coupling method

Simulation of force chains and particle breakage of granular material by numerical manifold method

Nonlocality in granular complex networks: Linking topology, kinematics and forces

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Spongelike Rigid Structures in Frictional Granular Packings.

Macroscopic and microscopic study on the compression bearing characteristics and deformation failure mechanism of gangue with different particle sizes

An Experimental Study of the Effect of Particle Shape on Force Transmission and Mobilized Strength of Granular Materials

Macro and Micro Analysis on Coal-bearing Soil Slopes Instability Based on CFD-DEM Coupling Method

Near-surface soils: discrete element modeling of self-supported unconfined drained sand specimens

Study on Strength Damage Evolution Regulation of Sandstone under Cyclic Erosion

Effect of two parallel intruders on total work during granular penetrations.

Superposed shear and compression of strong colloidal gels

Review on Numerical Simulation of the Internal Soil Erosion Mechanisms Using the Discrete Element Method

Analysis on mechanical properties and evolution of mesostructure of soil–rock mixture samples from contact network perspective

An integral equation method for the simulation of doubly-periodic suspensions of rigid bodies in a shearing viscous flow

Coarse-fine mixtures subjected to repetitive Ko loading: Effects of fines fraction, particle shape, and size ratio

Influence of particle size on the buffering efficiency of soil cushion layer against rockfall impact

Experimental and numerical investigations on the tensile mechanical behavior of marbles containing dynamic damage

Capturing transient granular rheology with extended fabric tensor relations

Quantitative investigation on force chain lengths during high velocity compaction of ferrous powder

Force chains in cell–cell mechanical communication

The stick-slip mechanism for granular flow lubrication

Sand grains versus tiny glass granules - comparative study on stress-deformation characteristics

Force transmission and anisotropic characteristics of sheared granular materials with rolling resistance

Magnus effect in granular media.

Effect of Particle Mass Fraction on the Multiscale Dynamic Failure Behavior of Particulate Polymer Composites

DEM simulation of stress transmission under agricultural traffic Part 1 : comparison with continuum model and parametric study

On the mechanics of granular shear: The effect of normal stress and layer thickness on stick-slip properties

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Tensile strength of pressure-agglomerated potato starch determined via diametral compression test: Discrete element method simulations and experiments

Micro-mechanical investigation of railway ballast behavior under cyclic loading in a box test using DEM: effects of elastic layers and ballast types

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Analysis on Evolution of Force Chain and Contact Network of Non-Cohesive Soil

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Mechanics of compaction of a porous non-woven fiber solid

DEM analyses of rock block shape effect on the response of rockfall impact against a soil buffering layer

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Research on the dynamic behaviour of the railway ballast assembly subject to the low loading condition based on a tridimensional DEM-FDM coupled approach

On the role of pore pressure in dynamic instabilities of saturated model granular materials

3D DEM investigation on the morphology and structure of landslide dams formed by dry granular flows

A Vibratory Conveying Method for Planetary Regolith: Preliminary Experiment and Numerical Simulation

Betweenness centrality as predictor for forces in granular packings.

Localized dissolution in sediments under stress

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The effect of ice floe shape on the load experienced by vertical-sided structures interacting with a broken ice field

Effects of Particle Size and Cushioning Thickness on the Performance of Gabions against Boulder Impact

Influences of particle shape on evolutions of force-chain and micro-macro parameters at critical state for granular materials

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Force Chain 포스 체인

Force Chain 포스 체인
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