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Adaptation and compensation for somatosensory deficits in object handling: evidence from a patient with large fibre sensory neuropathy.

Cutaneous Sensory Afferent Response to Sliding Stimuli in the Rat Forepaw*

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Remarkable hand grip steadiness in individuals with complete spinal cord injury

Analysis of Frontal Cerebral Blood Flow Changes in Hand Grip Force Adjustment Skill Learning

Implementasi Time and Motion Study dan Analisis Beban Kerja pada Stasiun Kerja Packing Produk Iberet Folic PT. Abbott Indonesia

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Performance Analysis of Fault-Tolerance Techniques Towards Solar Fed Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

COVID-19 Radiology Preparedness, Challenges & Opportunities: Responses From 18 Countries

Design of a Reconfigurable Novel Constant-Force Mechanism for Assistive Exoskeletons

Workforce adjustment strategies and concession bargaining in times of crisis: A qualitative approach based on French case studies

Modelling labour adjustments over the business cycle using asymmetric cointegration

Magnetic mallets – A stroke of luck in implantology: A review

Beta synchrony in the cortico-basal ganglia network during regulation of force control on and off dopamine

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Force Adjustment 힘 조정

Force Adjustment 힘 조정
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