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Coarse-grained models for diffusion in oil-filled hydrogel microbeads

Rheological investigations of beta glucan functionality: Interactions with mucin

Nanotechnology Applications in Food: A Scientometric Overview

Hybrid hydrogel dispersed low fat and heat resistant chocolate

The potential of microalgae and their biopolymers as structuring ingredients in food: A review.

Influence of chitosan-coating on the stability and digestion of emulsions stabilized by waxy maize starch crystals

Simultaneous mitigation of 4(5)‐methylimidazole, acrylamide, and 5‐hydroxymethylfurfural in ammonia biscuits by supplementing with food hydrocolloids

Characterization of biodegradable/non-compostable films made from cellulose acetate/corn starch blends processed under reactive extrusion conditions

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Food Hydrocolloid 식품 하이드로콜로이드

Food Hydrocolloid 식품 하이드로콜로이드
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