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Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Derived Metrics are Predictive of Liver Fibrosis in Fontan Patients.

Elevated non-invasive liver fibrosis markers and risk of liver carcinoma in adult patients after repair of tetralogy of Fallot.

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Disproportionate intraventricular viscous energy loss in Fontan patients: analysis by 4D flow MRI

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Perceived Health Mediates Effects of Physical Activity on Quality of Life in Patients With a Fontan Circulation.

Mode of death and predictors of mortality in adult Fontan survivors: A Japanese multicenter observational study.

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Late Fontan failure in adult patients is predominantly associated with deteriorating ventricular function.

Successful biventricular cardiac resynchronization therapy in a failing Fontan patient: Implications of ventriculo‐ventricular interdependency in single ventricle physiology

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Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Derived Metrics are Predictive of Liver Fibrosis in Fontan Patients.

Exercise responses in children and adults with a Fontan circulation at simulated altitude

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Fontan‐associated plastic bronchitis waitlist and heart transplant outcomes: A PHTS analysis

Bridge to Transplant with Ventricular Assist Device Support in Pediatric Patients with Single Ventricle Heart Disease

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Expanding the Donor Pool for Transplant Candidates with Congenital Heart Disease: Use of Recipient Total Cardiac Volumes

Predicting the pressure of the total cavopulmonary connection: clinical testing of a mathematical equation.

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Vitamin D, liver-related biomarkers, and distribution of fat and lean mass in young patients with Fontan circulation.

Arterial Stiffness and Its Relationship to Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Children and Young Adults with a Fontan Circulation

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Y-graft modification to the Fontan procedure: Increasingly balanced flow over time.

Impact of Free-Breathing Phase-Contrast MRI on Decision-Making in Fontan Surgical Planning

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Fontan-Associated Anatomical Variants and Hepatic Fibrosis

A dramatic learning curve of extracardiac Fontan operation in the modern era

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Sizing Up Fontan Failure: Association with Increasing Weight in Adulthood

The Unique Clinical Phenotype and Exercise Adaptation of Fontan Patients With Normal Exercise Capacity.

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Non-invasive assessment of liver abnormalities in pediatric Fontan patients

Transfusion-related acute hepatic injury following postoperative platelets administration in pediatric patients undergoing the Fontan procedure.

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Lymphocyte Immune Response and T Cell Differentiation in Fontan Patients with protein-losing enteropathy

Heart Rate Reserve in Fontan Patients: Chronotropic Incompetence or Hemodynamic Limitation?

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Efficacy of heart transplantation in patients with a failing Fontan: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Fontan with lateral tunnel is associated with improved survival compared with extracardiac conduit.

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Hemodynamic interplay of vorticity, viscous energy loss and kinetic energy from 4D Flow MRI and link to cardiac function in healthy subjects and Fontan patients.

Evaluation of Fontan liver disease: Correlation of transjugular liver biopsy with magnetic resonance and hemodynamics.

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Hemodynamic Characteristics After Fontan Procedure in Patients with Down’s Syndrome

Fontan Liver Lesions: Not Always HCC

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Ventilatory and sensory responses to incremental exercise in adults with a Fontan circulation.

Thyroid Function in Patients With a Fontan Circulation.

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Non-uniform mixing of hepatic venous flow and inferior vena cava flow in the Fontan conduit

Reintervention and survival in 1428 patients in the Australian and New Zealand Fontan Registry

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Functional lymphatic reserve capacity is depressed in patients with a Fontan circulation

Tissue oxygen saturation assessment of microvascular perfusion in adults with fontan palliation and comparator groups using vascular optical spectrophotometry - a pilot study.

Morphology and Function of the Lymphatic Vasculature in Patients With a Fontan Circulation

Modeling Physiological Flow in Fontan Models With Four-Dimensional Flow Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry, and Arterial Spin Labeling

Fontan-associated protein-losing enteropathy and post‒heart transplant outcomes: A multicenter study.

The effect of respiration-driven flow waveforms on hemodynamic metrics used in Fontan surgical planning.

Failing Homeostasis of Quadriceps Muscle Energy- and pH Balance During Bicycling in a Young Patient With a Fontan Circulation

Efficacy and adverse effects of sotalol in adults with congenital heart disease.

Identification of liver fibrosis using the hepatic vein waveform in patients with Fontan circulation

Prevalence, features and predictive factors of liver nodules in Fontan surgery patients: The VALDIG Fonliver prospective cohort.

Relation of Magnetic Resonance Elastography to Fontan Failure and Portal Hypertension.

Transient elsatography, a key tool in the screening of complications in patients with Fontan circulation

Percutaneous embolization of lymphatic fistulae as treatment for protein‐losing enteropathy and plastic bronchitis in patients with failing Fontan circulation

One-lung ventilation in a patient with Fontan circulation undergoing diaphragmatic plication surgery: a case report

Assessment of liver T1 mapping in fontan patients and its correlation with magnetic resonance elastography-derived liver stiffness

Surveillance and screening practices of New England congenital cardiologists for patients after the Fontan operation.

Creation of the Fontan circulation in sheep: a survival model.

Stress increases intracardiac 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance -derived energetics and vorticity and relates to VO2max in Fontan patients

Sinus node dysfunction in patients with Fontan circulation: could heart rate variability be a predictor for pacemaker implantation?


Hepatic pathology in patients after Fontan operation: A computed tomography imaging study.

Sports practice predicts better functional capacity in children and adults with Fontan circulation.

Modeling Physiological Flow Variation in Fontan Models with 4d Flow Mri, Particle Image Velocimetry, and Arterial Spin Labeling.

Prioritising transplantation for adult congenital heart disease, UK national data.

Low pulmonary artery size might be associated with subclinical systemic ventricular dysfunction in the Fontan circulation

Hepatic Pathology in Patients after Fontan Operation: A CT imaging study.

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Impact of the Fontan operation on organ systems.

A Cast of the Left Bronchial Tree

Altered Hemorheology in Fontan Patients in Normoxia and After Acute Hypoxic Exercise

Echo-Doppler assessment of ventricular filling pressures in adult Fontan patients.

Pulmonary artery wall thickness in children with Fontan physiology: an optical coherence tomography case control study.

Saline Contrast Transesophageal Echocardiography in Fontan Patients: Assessment of the Presence, Type, and Size of Right to Left Shunts

Haemodynamic profiles in adult Fontan patients: associated haemodynamics and prognosis

Pacemaker treatment after Fontan surgery-A Swedish national study.

Fluid accumulation in the staged Fontan procedure: the impact of colloid osmotic pressures.

Reply to: Deeper Insights Into the Fontan Circulation

Serial cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking indicates early worsening of cardiac function in Fontan patients.

Intravoxel incoherent motion imaging has the possibility to detect liver abnormalities in young Fontan patients with good hemodynamics.

Energetics of Blood Flow in Fontan Circulation under VAD Support.

Pediatric heart transplantation: long-term outcomes

Short‐term outcomes of en bloc combined heart and liver transplantation in the failing Fontan

Increased extracellular volume in the liver of pediatric Fontan patients

MELD-XI Score Predicts Post-Heart Transplant Survival in Fontan Patients: A PHTS Analysis

Angiopoietin-2 predicts morbidity in adults with Fontan physiology

Success in a Fontan pregnancy: how important is ventricular function?

Physical exercise may improve sleep quality in children and adolescents with Fontan circulation.

Management of the adult Fontan patient

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Late recognition and transcatheter closure of ventriculopulmonary artery shunts in Fontan patients

Accuracy evaluation of blood flow distribution in the Fontan circulation: effects of resolution and velocity noise

Fontan-Associated Liver Disease: Evidence for Early Surveillance of Liver Health in Pediatric Fontan Patients.

A restrictive ventilatory pattern is common in patients with univentricular heart after Fontan palliation and associated with a reduced exercise capacity and quality of life

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Cross-Sectional Magnetic Resonance and Modeling Comparison From Just After Fontan To The Teen Years.

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