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The Shaping of Academic Culture in Higher Education in Taiwan: Confucianism, Historic Legacy, and Western Influences

A World Following Farmer Almanac: Speculation on Lifestyle Interweaving Folk Religion and Smart Home

Buddhism and the Sinhala Writing Tradition.

The Transmission of Information in Chinese Folk Religion: Reflections on Fieldwork in Putian, Fujian*

Public memory, National Heritage, and memorialization of the 1918 Finnish Civil War

Tomte Stories in Swedish Hälsingland: Place and Vernacular Religion

Religion, Marriage and Happiness – Evidence from Taiwan

Popular Religions and Multiple Modernities: A Framework for Understanding Current Religious Transformations

Guwonpa, WMSCOG, and Shincheonji: Three Dynamic Grassroots Groups in Contemporary Korean Christian NRM History

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Folk Religion 민속 종교

Folk Religion 민속 종교
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