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The weirdness of belief in free will

Psychological construction of episodes called emotions.

KNOWING HOW as a philosophical hybrid

Resolutions, salient reasons, and weakness of will

I Don’t Know, Is AI Also Used in Airbags?

Books Review: Ruha Benjamin Race After Technology: Abolition Tools for a New Jim Code

Physics’ Contribution to Causation

How Are Curiosity and Interest Different? Naïve Bayes Classification of People’s Beliefs

Lying, Deceptive Implicatures, and Commitment

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A simple definition of ‘intentionally’

The Cartesian Folk Theater: People conceptualize consciousness as a spatio-temporally localized process in the human brain

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The Pragmatic and Pedagogical Potential of the Communicative Space in Folk Lullaby

My friend’s true self: Children’s concept of personal identity

Pain, paradox and polysemy

Some Doubts about Folk Jurisprudence: The Case of Proximate Cause

Piercing the Smoke Screen: Dualism, Free Will, and Christianity

Empirical Studies on Truth and the Project of Re‐engineering Truth

What makes a life meaningful? Folk intuitions about the content and shape of meaningful lives.

Are Emotions Psychological Constructions?

Resolutions, salient reasons, and weakness of will

From Buzz to Burst—Critical Remarks on the Term ‘Life’ and Its Ethical Implications in Synthetic Biology

The Political Problem of Welfare

Beyond Category: Black Souls On-Screen

Epistemic innocence and the production of false memory beliefs

Psychopathy as an Emergent Interpersonal Syndrome: Further Reflections and Future Directions.

Faces Tell Everything in a Just and Biologically Determined World: Lay Theories Behind Face Reading

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Folk Concept 민속 개념

Folk Concept 민속 개념
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