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The preliminary studies on protein profile in retained and not retained foetal membranes in heavy draft mares.

Failure to detect equid herpesvirus types 1 and 4 DNA in placentae and healthy new-born Thoroughbred foals

Chlamydia psittaci infection as a cause of respiratory disease in neonatal foals.

Molecular Diagnosis and Pathological Study of Toxoplasma gondii in Aborted Caprine and Ovine Fetuses in Borderline of Iran–Iraq

Vasa praevia: cord vessels running through the foetal membranes from the uterine fundus to the internal os

Is the delivery mode a critical factor for the microbial communities in the meconium?

Genes upregulated in the amnion at labour are bivalently marked by activating and repressive histone modifications

Does prophylactic progesterone for women at high risk of preterm birth improve outcomes?

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Foetal Membranes 태아막

Foetal Membranes 태아막
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