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Synthesis of a 3D free standing crystalline NiSex matrix for electrochemical energy storage applications.

Co3O4 arrays with tailored morphology as robust water oxidation and urea splitting catalyst

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Designing graphene-wrapped NiCo2Se4 microspheres with petal-like FeS2 toward flexible asymmetric all-solid-state supercapacitors.

Three-Dimensional Interconnected Binder-Free Mn–Ni–S Nanosheets for High Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor Devices with Exceptional Cyclic Stability

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Potentiostatic deposition of CoNi2Se4 nanostructures on nickel foam as efficient battery-type electrodes for supercapacitors

Hierarchical Mn-Co sulfide nanosheets on nickel foam by electrochemical co-deposition for high-performance pseudocapacitors

Bifunctional NiCo2Se4 and CoNi2Se4 nanostructures: Efficient electrodes for battery-type supercapacitors and electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction

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Foam Substrates 폼 기재

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