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Seeing the light: Research, conservation and exhibition of a 1980s daylight fluorescent painted leather jacket designed by Sprouse and painted by Castronovo


Microscale light management and inherent optical properties of intact corals studied with optical coherence tomography

Phenolic distribution in apple epidermal and outer cortex tissue by multispectral deep-UV autofluorescence cryo-imaging.

Probing complexity of microalgae mixtures with novel spectral flow cytometry approach and “virtual filtering”

Active dispersal of Aedes albopictus: a mark-release-recapture study using self-marking units

Development of diketopyrrolopyrrole fluorescent dyes with different alkyl chain length in organic film: photophysical and rheological properties

Mitochondrial Lipofuscin and Thermomitochondrial Lipofuscin in Homogenates of Rat Organs

The development and evaluation of a self-marking unit to estimate malaria vector survival and dispersal distance

Non rhizobial endophytic bacteria from chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) tissues and their antagonistic traits

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Fluorescent Pigment 형광안료

Fluorescent Pigment 형광안료
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