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Fluorescent Ink sentence examples within Blue Fluorescent Ink

Surface-passivated, soluble and non-toxic graphene nano-sheets for the selective sensing of toxic Cr(VI) and Hg(II) metal ions and as a blue fluorescent ink

A facile synthesis of 1,3,6,8-pyrenesulfonic acid tetrasodium salt as a hydrosoluble fluorescent ink for anti-counterfeiting applications

Fluorescent Ink sentence examples within Invisible Fluorescent Ink

Facile synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots from Prunus cerasifera fruits for fluorescent ink, Fe3+ ion detection and cell imaging.

Fluorescent boron and nitrogen co-doped carbon dots with high quantum yield for the detection of nimesulide and fluorescence staining.

Fluorescent Ink sentence examples within Drying Fluorescent Ink

Ultra-high quantum yield nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots and their versatile application in fluorescence sensing, bioimaging and anti-counterfeiting.

Silica-Based Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Fluorescent Ink for Security Applications

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Highly fluorescent nitrogen-doped carbon dots for selective and sensitive detection of Hg2+ and ClO− ions and fluorescent ink

Device fabrication on curvilinear two-dimensional surfaces using polymer probes

More Fluorescent Ink 형광 잉크 sentence examples

Single-step synthesis of N-doped carbon dots and applied for dopamine sensing, in vitro multicolor cellular imaging as well as fluorescent ink

Green synthesis of carbon-based nanomaterials and their applications in various sectors: a topical review

Constructing perovskite-like oxide CsCa2Ta3O10: Yb, Er@Cs(PbxMn1-x)(ClyBr1-y)3 perovskite halide composites for five-dimensional anti-counterfeiting barcodes applications

High-efficient and pH-sensitive orange luminescence from silicon-doped carbon dots for information encryption and bio-imaging.

Photophysical Investigation of A Benzimidazole Derivative and Its Applications In Selective Detection of Fe3+, Thermosensing and Logic gates.

An anticounterfeiting technology combining an InP nanoparticle ink and a versatile optical device for authentication

Photophysical Investigation of a Benzimidazole Derivative and Its Applications in Selective Detection of Fe3+, Thermosensing and Logic Gates.

Highly selective detecting Aspartic acid, detecting Ornidazole and information encryption and decryption supported by a heterometallic anionic Cd (II)-K (I)-MOF.

A yellow-emitting carbon quantum dot-based fluorescent logic gate for the continuous detection of Au3+ and biothiols.

Nanoemulsion fluorescent inks for anti-counterfeiting encryption with dual-mode, full-color, and long-term stability.

Pyrene-based aggregation-induced emission luminogens (AIEgens) with less colour migration for anti-counterfeiting applications

Emission Color Tuning and White Light Generation from a Trimolecular Cocktail in Cationic Micellar System with Promising Applicability in the Anticounterfeiting Technology.

Sustainable synthesis of multifunctional carbon dots using biomass and their applications: A mini-review

Melt and solution processable novel photoluminescent polymer blends for multifaceted advanced applications

Green Synthesis of Self-Passivated Fluorescent Carbon Dots Derived from Rice Bran for Degradation of Methylene Blue and Fluorescent Ink Applications.

pH-Responsive Mn-Doped Carbon Dots for White-Light-EmittingDiodes, Fingerprinting, and Bioimaging

Biomass-derived nitrogen doped graphene quantum dots with color-tunable emission for sensing, fluorescence ink and multicolor cell imaging.

Rapid Synthesis of Highly Fluorescent Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots for Effective Detection of Ferric Ions and as Fluorescent Ink

Recent Advancements in Doped/Co-Doped Carbon Quantum Dots for Multi-Potential Applications

Preparation and application of carbon dots derived from cherry blossom flowers

Switchable organoplatinum metallacycles with high quantum yields and tunable fluorescence wavelengths

One-step synthesis of N-doped carbon dots, and their applications in curcumin sensing, fluorescent inks, and super-resolution nanoscopy

Ultrabright Fluorescent Polymer Dots with Thermochromic Characteristics for Full-Color Security Marking.

Ultrasensitive fluorometric determination of iron(iii) and inositol hexaphosphate in cancerous and bacterial cells by using carbon dots with bright yellow fluorescence.

Facile synthesis of porous nitrogen doped carbon dots (NCDs)@g-C3N4 for highly efficient photocatalytic and anti-counterfeiting applications

Stimuli-Responsive Inks Based on Perovskite Quantum Dots for Advanced Full-Color Information Encryption and Decryption.

One-step hydrothermal synthesis and optical properties of self-quenching-resistant carbon dots towards fluorescent ink and as nanosensors for Fe3+ detection

Concentration-tuned multicolor carbon dots: microwave-assisted synthesis, characterization, mechanism and applications

Aggregation-induced red shift in N,S-doped chiral carbon dot emissions for moisture sensing

Application of Anthracene-Based Fluorescent Materials on Green Fluorescent Inkjet Ink

Molecular Glue Strategy: Large-Scale Conversion of Clustering-Induced Emission Luminogen to Carbon Dots.

Dual-mode, Color-tunable, Lanthanide-Doped Core-Shell Nanoarchitectures for Anti-counterfeiting Inks and Latent Fingerprint Recognition.

Crystallization‐Induced Emissive Invisible Ink

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Fluorescent Ink 형광 잉크

Fluorescent Ink 형광 잉크
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