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Carbon dots@metal–organic frameworks as dual-functional fluorescent sensors for Fe3+ ions and nitro explosives

Multi-functional fluorescence cellulose composites based on a modified amphiphilic waterborne polyurethane by covalent suspension of the triazine groups

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A novel and facile synthesis strategy for highly stable cesium lead halide nanowires

Dual-Emission Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe Based on Lanthanide-Functionalized Carbon Quantum Dots for White Light Emission and Chemical Sensing

Coumarin-embedded MOF UiO-66 as a selective and sensitive fluorescence sensor for recognition and detection of Fe3+ ion

High quantum-yield carbon dots embedded metal-organic frameworks for selective and sensitive detection of dopamine

Low-autofluorescence, transparent composite for multiphoton 3D printing

Preparation and Properties of Fluorescent Cellulosic Paper via Surface Coating of Anionic Cellulose Ethers / Rare Earth Metal Ions Composites

Turn-On Detection of Cs Ions Based on Conjugated Polymer-Graphene Oxide Composite

Investigation of the surface confinement effect of copper nanoclusters: construction of an ultrasensitive fluorescence turn-on bio-enzyme sensing platform.

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Fluorescent Composite 형광 합성물

Fluorescent Composite 형광 합성물
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