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Countermeasures against floor impact sound by heavy impact source of a box floor structure in a reinforced concrete wall construction testing device

Effect of ceiling and dry-type double floor on heavy-weight floor impact sound in concrete building and CLT building.

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[Therapeutic options in female stress urinary incontinence].

Ultrasonic Diagnosis and Analysis of the Effect of Labor Analgesia on Early Pelvic Floor Function and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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Experimental investigation of a prefabricated timber-concrete composite floor structure: Notched-slab approach

Experimental investigation and performance of timber-concrete composite floor structure with non-metallic connection system

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Floor Structure sentence examples within Forest Floor Structure

Disentangling the Ecological Determinants of Species and Functional Trait Diversity in Herb-Layer Plant Communities in European Temperate Forests

Physical Properties of Soils Altered by Invasive Pheretimoid Earthworms: Does Their Casting Layer Create Thermal Refuges?

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Study on Sound Transmission across a Floating Floor in a Residential Building by Using SEA

Lightweight design and sound insulation characteristic optimisation of railway floating floor structures

Penetrating radar combined with 3-D imaging for real-time augmented reality sensing and classification

Interplay of volcanotectonic, sedimentary, and regional tectonic processes at Mount Etna’s submerged south-eastern flank

Protection of Indoor Air from Radioactive Gas Radon

Vectorized indoor surface reconstruction from 3D point cloud with multistep 2D optimization

Submarine mud volcanoes as a source of chromophoric dissolved organic matter to the deep waters of the Gulf of Cádiz

An analytical method to estimate temperature distribution of typical radiant floor cooling systems with internal heat radiation

Acoustic backscatter analysis of ground-fishing activity in the German North Sea sector

Insulation systems for structures on pile supports

Sedimentology and structure of a Holocene slump deposit on the continental slope off Baja California, Mexico

Research on dynamic characteristics test of wooden floor structure for gymnasium

CLT construction without weather protection requires extensive moisture control

Deformation and fracture at floor area and the correlation with main roof breakage in deep longwall mining

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The Effects of Floor Structures on the Masonry Walls of Multistorey Building

Numerical parametric study on steel-concrete composite floor beams vibrations due to pedestrian traffic

Combustibility of lightweight foam concrete based on natural protein foaming agent

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Instrumental Method for Determining Energy Efficiency Indicators of Apartment Residential Houses

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Active Control of Tramcars With Independently Rotating Wheels

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Fuzzy Logic application in buildings vibration control in civil engineering

Three-Level DC-DC Controlled-Source Circuit of Marine Electromagnetic Detection Transmitter

In-Plane Behavior of Timber Diaphragms Retrofitted with CLT Panels

Biodegradable Dual Semicircular Patch Antenna Tile for Smart Floors

Oceanographic Studies in the Northwest Pacific and Seas of Japan and Okhotsk on Cruise 73 of the R/V Professor Gagarinskiy and Cruise 53 of the R/V Akademik Oparin

An analytical formulation for the underwater acoustic radiation of a cylindrical shell with an internal flexural floor based on the reciprocity theorem

Floor Frame Structure Conceptual Design of Car Body by Multi-level Optimization Method

Optimizing an Inner-Continental Shelf Geologic Framework Investigation through Data Repurposing and Machine Learning

Replacement of floor structures in capital repair with the use of not extractable void formers

Comfort-based floor design employing tuned inerter mass system

Timber Floors and Strengthening Techniques (Illustrated with a Numerical Example)

Floorings of Wooden Frame Buildings with Application of CLT-Panels

Study on Structures Incorporated With MR Damping Material Based on PSO Algorithm

Amount and Fate of Gas and Oil Discharged at 3400 m Water Depth From a Natural Seep Site in the Southern Gulf of Mexico

Sedimentary architecture of detached deep‐marine canyons: Examples from the East Coast Basin of New Zealand

Characterisation of used traction sand for utilization aspects in earth construction based on the requirements of Finnish environmental legislation

Thermal Performance of Insulated Constructions—Experimental Studies

Seismic Behavior of Shear Connectors of Steel Vierendeel Sandwich Plate

8 Highly Variable Submarine Landscapes in the Alborán Sea Created by Cold-Water Corals

Assessment load capacity in floor constructions

Study of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Sengon to Concrete Joint Using Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation

Deep-water sponge fauna from the mud volcanoes of the Gulf of Cadiz (North Atlantic, Spain)

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Floor Structure 바닥 구조

Floor Structure 바닥 구조
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