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Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Semisupervised Multimodal Hashing

Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Semisupervised Multimodal Hashing.

A new framework of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for feature selection and multi-label classification of video data

Mining tourists’ destinations and preferences through LSTM-based text classification and spatial clustering using Flickr data

Automated Hand-drawn sketches retrieval and recognition using regularized Particle Swarm Optimization based deep convolutional neural network

User Identification across Social Networking Sites using User Profiles and Posting Patterns

An encoder-decoder based framework for hindi image caption generation

Passive citizen science: The role of social media in wildlife observations

Tourism flows in large-scale destination systems


Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Node Attributed Networks: A Deep Learning Approach

User Preferential Tour Recommendation Based on POI-Embedding Methods

A new point-of-interest approach based on multi-itinerary recommendation engine

An algorithmic approach to estimate cognitive aesthetics of images relative to ground truth of human psychology through a large user study

Inferring Personality Traits from Attentive Regions of User Liked Images Via Weakly Supervised Dual Convolutional Network

Visual Semantic Image Recommendation

Analysis of Flickr Images Using Feature Extraction Techniques

Scene Text Magnifier

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Self-Supervised Learning from Web Data for Multimodal Retrieval

Scale dependency in drivers of outdoor recreation in England

Analysis of Travel Patterns of Seoul Tourists by Trajectory Data Mining

Spatial Analysis of Tourist Spots in Central Tokyo Using Online Geotagged Photographs from Flickr

Geo-Tagged Photo Metadata Processing Method for Beijing Inbound Tourism Flow

Personalized Web Image Organization

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Accurate Spatial Mapping of Social Media Data with Physical Locations

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Flickr Data 플리커 데이터

Flickr Data 플리커 데이터
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